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Why Charles Martinet Not Voicing Mario?

By Linda Mercer

Why Doesn't Charles Martinet Voice Mario in the Super Mario Bros. Film?

With the release of ‘Super Mario Bros slated for April 27, 2023, doubts are being raised as to why Charles Martinet was not chosen to provide the voices for the film's characters.

Even though Charles Martinet has been Mario's voice actor for years, it is important to remember that he has not participated in any major film projects and that video games are his primary field of competence.

To depict a character's feelings with their voice in a movie requires a greater emotional range than in video games. This does not negate the significance of Charles Martinet's work, but it does indicate that the platforms are entirely distinct.

Casting Chris Pratt, who is well-liked by the audience, tends to reduce the risk element by a greater degree than could Charles Martinet. In addition, the film's overall budget is expected to be around $80 million.

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