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Who Was Judy Tenuta Married to?

By Linda Mercer

Judy Lynn Tenuta was an American actress, comedian, and comedic musician. She was well-known for her zany and outspoken theatrical persona, “The Love Goddess,” which combined insult comedy, observational humor, self-promotion, and lewd onstage antics.

Who Was Judy Tenuta's Husband?

Judy Tenuta, a two-time Grammy Award nominee, wed comedian/entertainer Emo Philips in 1988. However, neither the date of the couple's separation nor the reason for it are specified.

Who Was Judy Tenuta?

Tenuta, one of nine children, was born on November 7, 1949, in Oak Park, Illinois, to an Italian father named Caesar and a Polish mother named Joann.

Cause of Death

Judy Tenuta, a brazen stand-up comedian who jestedly billed herself as the “Love Goddess” and toured with George Carlin during the 1980s peak of comedy, passed away on Thursday.

Is Judy Tenuta Resembles Naomi Judd?

There are rumors that Judy Tenuta and Naomi Judd are similar. But it is difficult to think that they are alike.

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