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Who Is Evan Peters Dating?

His Past Relationships All You Need To Know Is Here!

Actor Evan Thomas Peter hails from the USA. In the X-Men film series, he is most known for playing the mutant Quicksilver. 

X-Men film series

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Peters has maintained a low profile with regard to his romantic relationships after his breakup with Halsey in 2020.

Who Is Evan Peters Dating at Present?

Evan Peters,

Evan Peters, though, is a starter who is exclusively single. That implies that he cannot be married either.

He received his first part in the 2004 film Clipping, Adam, playing the title role. 

Who Is Evan Peters

In 2012, they first worked together as co-stars in Adult World. So, it didn't take them long to start dating. 

Emma Roberts 

Emma accepted 

Emma accepted the proposal that he made to her a year after they started dating. However, soon after they got engaged.

Pixie and Evan got together. After the couple was photographed kissing at Coachella. They were dating. The couple sadly got divorced in 2011.

Pixie Geldof 

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