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Westworld Season 4

A season five of this mind-blowing sci-fi extravaganza was confirmed by the show’s creators, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, in an interview with Variety before the season four announcement.

Release Date

We’ve got some fantastic news for you! Season four of Westworld will premiere on Sunday, June 26, and air weekly.

Who Be Will in the Upcoming Fourth Season of Westworld

What’s Going to Happen in Westworld Season 4

Season four of Westworld could be the final season for our favorite sentient machines since leaders Joy and Nolan have had a basic plan in place since the beginning. Is this true, then all bets are off as they fight against humanity nears its conclusion

Wright also spoke to The Wrap on Bernard’s future after the season-three finale and how that would influence him in the years to come. “In a state of clarity that he hasn’t ever experienced.

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