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Vikings Season 7

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Ragnar is shown to be a farmer who becomes famous by taking over England and, with the help of his family and other soldiers, becomes king of the Scandinavians.

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If Vikings Season 7 happens at all, the main characters from the previous seasons will be back. We don’t think there will be any new cast members, but the showrunners could surprise us.

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Just recently, the first half of Season 6 of Vikings came out. The second half is still to come. So, it’s hard to guess what will happen in season 7 without knowing what happened in season 6.

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The team making the movie hasn’t put out a trailer yet. Until then, you can watch the trailer for Season 6 Part 2 and watch the whole season at once on Amazon.

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The average number of people who watch the sixth season of Vikings is 804,000, and it has a 0.13 rating in the 18–49 age group. From season five, that’s a drop of 72% in the demo and a drop of 58% in viewers.

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