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Unhuman Movie

Unhuman Plot

In a brutal, terrifying fight to stay alive, the group’s trust in each other is put to the test. They have to kill the zombies before they kill each other.

The point of view is very different from other zombie shows like The Walking Dead, Z-Nation, and Black Summer, where the main emotions are fear, death, and trying to stay alive.

Release Date

On June 3, Unhuman will be available digitally. Watch the trailer below to see how the group of oddballs try to make it through their field trip from hell.

Unhuman Cast

Drew Scheid ,Brianne Tju ,Benjamin Wadsworth ,Shelton Uriah ,Joshua Mikel ,Peter Giles.

Drew Scheid

Halloween 2018, Mare of Easttown 2021, and Fear Street Part Two – 1978 are some of the movies they are known for 2021.

Shelton Uriah

He was recently seen in the well-reviewed slasher horror comedy Freaky Friday as the love interest of the main character

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