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The Tomorrow War 2


Chris Pratt, who plays Dan’s adult daughter Col. Muri Forester, and co-star Yvonne Strahovski, who plays her future commander, are mentioned in the Deadline story as possible returnees.


It looks like humanity has finally defeated the Whitespikes. Still, they discover that they were genetically manufactured by an even more sophisticated and destructive extraterrestrial species to destroy the Earth’s population.

We discussed the world of these creatures, where they originated from, how they were made or nurtured, and how they may have been used in the past and present.

Will There Be The Tomorrow War 2

According to Deadline, Amazon and Skydance, the production firm behind The Tomorrow War, are discussing the possibility of making a sequel. There hasn’t been an official announcement of a sequel yet

Is Will Smith in Tomorrow’s War

As a result, his character Steven Hiller was written out of the sequel and revealed to have died sometime between Independence Day and Resurgence 30 years later.

Release Date

Given that timetable, the earliest “The Tomorrow War 2” could air in the summer of 2023. That’s a little under two years if you exclude the pandemic-related delays.

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