The Release of Shetland Season 8

By Linda Mercer

One of the best OTT series, responsible for providing wonderful content for the public, is Shetland

Shetland Season 7 Ending Explained

Jimmy Perez and his colleagues conduct a covert investigation to identify the real murderer in the Shetland story. The crime drama series is already quite well known in society.

Premiere Date

Thank goodness, BBC has revealed the debut date for Shetland Season 8. The eighth season's debut has been set for the spring of 2023.


The worst news, though, is that fans were startled to learn that Duncan Hunter, played by Mark Bonnar, and Maggie Kean, played by Annika Rose, won't be returning.


Shetland has already shown a great deal of material in recent seasons. Some of the show's most recognizable story twists have already returned for the viewers in the seventh season.

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