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The Marked Heart Season 2

Made by Leonardo Padrón, The Marked Heart Season 2 unique title Pálpito is a Colombian wrongdoing spine chiller series on Netflix.

In the event that the spine chiller is greenlit by Summer 2022, we expect ‘The Marked Heart’ season 2 to release at some point in Q2 2023.

Release Date

Assuming the show returns, a large portion of the central members could repeat their jobs. This incorporates Michel Brown Ana Lucía Domínguez , Sebastián Martínez, Valeria Emiliani and Juan Fernando Sánchez

The Marked Heart Season 2 Cast

In season 1, Simón figures out who Camila truly is. Then again, Camila learns the upsetting lengths Zacarías went to acquire the heart that currently pulsates in her chest.


We don’t know whether we’re OK with watching a telenovela that consolidates expansive characters, numerous unexpected developments that are to some degree fantastical.

Is It worth a Watch

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