The Last of Us’ Ellie Looks Familiar on HBO, but Why? | The Last of Us’ Ellie Looks Familiar on HBO, but Why? |

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By Linda Mercer

“The Last of Us” was about a group of survivors after a virus splits society into “infected” and “uninfected” HBO's “The Last of Us” debut trailer features grand storytelling and horrific imagery 

Resistance starred Ramsey as Elsbeth

Bella Ramsey will appear in the 2020 Jesse Eisenberg drama “Resistance.” The film told the story of mime Marcel Marceau (Eisenberg), who joined the French Resistance during World War II.  

Becoming Elizabeth's Lady Jane Grey

Bella Ramsey played Lady Jane Grey, who ruled England for nine days in 1553, on Starz's “Becoming Elizabeth” in 2022. 

Bella Ramsey plays Lyanna Mormont in Game of Throne

Bella Ramsey, an 18-year-old English actor (at the time of writing), will play Ellie. Ramsey‘s debut as Lady Lyanna Mormont in “Game of Thrones” launched her career. 

Mildred Hubble on The Worst Witch

Due of her character's rare appearances on “Game of Thrones,” Bella Ramsey took on other roles. She played Mildred Hubble in CBBC's “The Worst Witch,” which released on Netflix in July 2017.

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