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The Cursed

The Cursed Plot

During the Battle of the Somme, a French captain with three bullet holes in his stomach is brought to a medical tent. During the surgery to remove the German bullets, the surgeon finds a fourth bullet that is made of silver and not German.

In the late 1800s, 35 years earlier, the village elders told the cruel land baron Seamus Laurent to kill a Roma clan that had settled on his land and had a claim to it. Laurent did so, and the village elders agreed.

The Production of the Cursed

The movie was shot in the western part of France called Charente. It was shot with anamorphic lenses on 35mm film.

The Cursed Cast


Is the Cursed 2022 Any Good

The movie moves slowly at times, but the scary parts more than makeup for its small flaws.

Is the Cursed Movie a True Story

The story The Curse is loosely based on a real story, from which some parts were taken. Even though most heist stories are made up, it’s possible that this one was based on a real crime.

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