Simon Jordan Net Worth 2022

Simon Jordan (born 24 September 1967) is an English businessman who made his fortune in the mobile phone industry.

Simon Jordan, now 53 years old, was born in Thornton, England, on September 24, 1967. Peter Jordan is his dad. 

Early Years

Simon Jordan' S Net Worth

In 2022, Simon Jordan‘s net worth is anticipated to be £50 million. He makes money from an English businessman. 

Personal Life of Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan is dating broadcaster and businesswoman Michelle Dewberry, and the two gave birth to a child in July 2020. 

Crystal Palace

After selling Pocket Phone Shop to One2One in 2000 for an estimated £80 million, Jordan and Briggs departed the business.

What source of funding did Simon Jordan use?

Serial entrepreneur Simon Jordan made his fortune in the mobile phone sector by starting his business from nothing. At the age of 32, he sold The Pocket Phone Shop for £75 million.

Simon Jordan lost his riches in what way?

Jordan, though, is currently putting his business empire back together after a horrific nine months that saw it all fall apart.

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