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And Just Like That Season 2 Cast

By Linda Mercer

Release Date

The third season of Sanditon will premiere at the end of 2022, per the schedule.

Where to Watch Sanditon?

On March 20, 2022, PBS will begin streaming Sanditon every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Additionally, you may view all prior episodes of Condition on Amazon Prime or by purchasing a PBS Passport Membership.

The Cast of Sanditon season 3

It seems expected that the first season's key characters will return for the third season. The following actors are anticipated to reprise their roles in the third instalment:

What Happened in the Previous Season of Sanditon?

She also has conflicts with the beautiful Sidney Parker. Even though he does not love his former fiancée Eliza, Sidney decides to marry her after season 1. This decision is made to save his brother from the debtor's prison.


Charlotte returned to Willingdon, Sussex, and became engaged to a local guy she didn't love after a misunderstanding with her true love interest, the widower Alexander Colbourne

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