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Roller Champions

Release Date

However, Ubisoft stated that Roller Champions had been delayed to May 25th, 2022, instead of its original March 31st release date.

New Fixes and Additional Changes

We’ve also fixed many bugs that were found in the Beta version. Several bug patches and exploits addressed spam related to team moves and uppercuts.

As soon as the Ball Leaves a Team’s Possession and They Have to Start the Race Over Again, They Lose All of Their Points.


The Gameplay of Roller Champions

The basic notion of Roller Champions is a 3v3 race around a velodrome-style arena in which participants try to win points by kicking a single ball as far as they can.

The Pc System Requirements for Roller Champions

A computer with the minimum necessary specifications for roller champs is required to play. To play Rolle Champions, you’ll need a PC with average processing power. The image above is courtesy of Ubisoft.

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