Robert Herjavec Net Worth |

Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Infancy Life of Robert Herjavec

At eight, Robert Herjavec left his native Croatia for Canada. Herjavec’s family, notably his father, had difficulty adjusting to life in the former Yugoslavia.

Robert HerjavecEarly Success in Entrepreneurship


The TV Personality’s Role of Robert Herjavec

On both Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec appeared frequently. He has invested in several participants’ initiatives. He received a ten percent stake in Tipsy Elves in return for a $100,000 investment.

Personal life

Robert Herjavec married Diane Please for the first time in 1990. In the wake of Herjavec’s entrepreneurial accomplishments, the pair decided to quits their 24-year marriage.

Net Worth

It’s estimated that Robert Herjavec is worth $200 million.

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