Resident Alien Season 2 |

Resident Alien Season 2

The show follows an alien disguised as a human Alan Tudyk as he tries to live on Earth and end the human race in a way that is very sneaky.

He ends up getting caught up in a murder investigation of the town doctor because of this. As Harry searches for parts of his lost ship, he meets kind people and learns about humanity.

There’s a lot more to the show than just Harry. Look for Asta and Jay’s relationship to grow as they move cautiously into their new role as birth mother and daughter.

There are a few things that everyone wants to see in the next season of Resident Alien. A visit to Harry’s homeworld, friends, family, and enemies, as well as Harry’s true self that everyone else can’t see.

This season will come back in the winter of 2022. They will all be back in season 2.

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