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Rebel Wilson Dating

Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating Right Now

Betches U Up podcast featured Bridesmaids actress 42 on May 12 and she claimed she was happily in a relationship, but she didn’t reveal the identity of her new partner.

Who Is Rebel Wilson’s Ex-Flirt

In 2020, the Cats actress had a high-profile relationship with Jacob Busch. They had a six-month relationship before breaking up. After taking a vacation from the dating scene, Rebel has resumed her search for a long-term relationship.

In 2020, Who Was Rebel Wilson’s Boyfriend

Jacob Busch, her then-boyfriend, was 11 years her junior, and they dated for six months until he broke up with her. Anheuser-Busch is a household name in the beer industry, and Busch is a descendant of the family.

Are There Any Ex-girlfriends of Jacob Busch That You Know of

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Is the Busch Clan Well-known

Jacob Busch is indeed the descendant of the Anheuser-Busch beer-brewing family. By 2008, the family’s fortune had grown to $13.4 billion after selling the Adolphus Busch Brewery to InBev

Is Rebel Wilson’s Hubby Out There

The actress from Senior Year has never been married, but she’s on the hunt for the ideal man. Once she and Busch had divorced and were single again in 2021

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