Neill Blomkamp Net Worth 2022

Neill Blomkamp is a Canadian-South African film producer, screenwriter, animator, and director . 

Blomkamp was born in South Africa's Johannesburg. He first met Sharlto Copley, a fellow Redhill High School alumnus from Johannesburg

Neill Blomkamp's Early Life

Net Worth of Neill Blomkamp

A filmmaker, writer, producer, animator, and South African and Canadian national, Neill Blomkamp has a $20 million fortune, as per celebrity net worth. 

Neill Blomkamp' S Instagram Account

He has 288 posts and 110k followers om his Instagram Account.

Neill Blomkamp's Personal Life

Like many other famous people, Neill Blomkamp keeps the details of his marriage and personal life very private. 

Where did Neill Blomkamp end up?

Despite the fact that Demonic is Blomkamp‘s first film in seven years, he has been busy establishing Oats Studios.

Where is the home of Neill Blomkamp?

British Columbia's Vancouver serves as his home base. Blomkamp was ranked among the top 100 influential people of 2009 by Time.

Who wrote the movie District 9?

The 2009 science fiction action thriller movie District 9 was written by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell

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