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NBC’s New Fall Comedy Series Lopez vs Lopez is Release Soon

By Linda  Mercer

The planned American television series Lopez vs. Lopez explores the comedy and drama genres. The homecoming of the famed comedian George Lopez is commemorated on the show.

Release Date of Lopez vs Lopez

Lopez vs Lopez's release date is November 4, 2022. Together with NBC, the show will be released on the online streaming platform Peacock.

Where Can I Watch Lopez vs Lopez?

Lopez vs Lopez will be accessible on the Peacock internet streaming service. The creators of the series have not yet disclosed any information regarding the series' release date or renewal for a second season.

The Plot of Lopez vs Lopez

The plot of Lopez vs. Lopez will revolve around the show's characters, George Lopez and Mayan Lopez, his daughter.

Who Are the Casts in Lopez vs Lopez?

The Lopez vs. Lopez cast consists of the show's main two lead characters, George Lopez (who will be played by George himself), a top-tier comedian. He previously appeared on the sitcom George Lopez, which ran from 2002 until 2007.

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