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My Hero Academia Season 6


At the end of the fifth season of My Hero Academia, there was a scene after the credits where Class 1A looked out at a city full of bad guys. This gave us a hint about the next big plot, which is called the Paranormal Liberation War.

In an acute nod to the sports shonen genre, the first one, called “HLB,” will be about our heroes playing baseball. Watch for it in June of 2022.

My Hero Academia Season 6’s Cast


My Hero Academia Season 6 Premiere

Fans have known for a while that the sixth season of My Hero Academia is coming out this fall, but The Weekly Shonen Jump recently teased on the cover that it will come out in October 2022.

Is Deku a Villain

Personality. The villain Deku comes in many different forms, but the most common one is either a cold, calculating person who uses infiltration and espionage to stay three steps ahead.

Does Bakugo Turn Evil

At the start of the anime, Bakugo is definitely Midoriya’s enemy, but the show doesn’t make him more of a bad guy. Instead, it lets him grow at his own pace and gives him chances to do so.

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