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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Release Date

By Linda Mercer

The Release Date of Mr. Harrigan's Phone

The release date for Mr. Harrigan's phone is October 5, 2022. On average, the duration of the film should be approximately one hour and forty-five minutes.

Where Can I Watch Mr. Harrigan's phone?

Mr. Harrigan's phone, a new horror film, will be viewable on Netflix‘s internet streaming service.

Mr. Harrigan's Telephone Storyline

Craig (who will be portrayed by Jaeden Martell) and his old billionaire friend Mr. Harrigan are at the center of Mr. Harrigan's phone plan (who will be played by Donald Sutherland).

The Cast of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Craig, who will be portrayed by Jaeden Martell, is a young adolescent who befriends an elderly billionaire named Mr. Harrigan.

What Can We Expect from Mr. Harrigan's Phone?

Craig was horrified to the core when he discovered that Mr. Harrigan was talking with him from beyond the grave through the phone he had given him while he was still alive.

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