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Michele Morrone Dating

By Linda Mercer

Michele Morrone became a household name (and a hunk) thanks to his part in the seductive 2020 Polish movie 365 Days.

Who is Michele Morrone Currently Dating?

Fans began to speculate about a potential romance based on Michele after he posted a picture of himself and Khloe on his Instagram story over the weekend. However, according to Michele‘s agent, D&G asked him and Khloe to take a photo together, and they complied

Instagram Account

He has 15.5 million followers on his Instagram Account. You can view his latest post below.

Has Michele Morrone Ever Been Wed?

Even though Morrone is not presently wed, he has a former spouse named Rouba Saadeh. She is a Lebanon-born fashion designer and stylist.

Michele Morrone's Bio

Italian actor and singer Michele Morrone has appeared in films in both Italy and Poland. Morrone was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, on October 3, 1990.

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