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Memory Movie

What’s Going on with Memory

Memory is the tale of Alex, a professional killer with a severe approach to not harming youngsters. Whenever both he and his moral code are deceived by a business, Alex embarks to get payback.

Who Are in the Cast of Memory

Yet again Liam Neeson stars as the maturing professional killer, carrying profundity and soul to a savage executioner. At almost seventy years of age, Neeson is as yet a trustworthy activity legend.


Alex is working for vengeance in any case, with a memory that is starting to vacillate, he is compelled to scrutinize all his activities, obscuring the line between good and bad.

Liam Neeson in Memory

Neeson told USA Today that he was drawn to the movie due to its “vivid, abrasive storyline,” while additionally getting knowledge into things like dementia.

Who Is the Memory Chief

Martin Campbell is coordinating Memory. Campbell is knowledgeable in the activity classification, having coordinated two James Bond movies, the Antonio Banderas Zorro movies and others like Vertical Limit and Edge of Darkness.

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