Kim and Kevin Dating |

Kim and Kevin Dating

Bling Empire cast members Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee begin a love relationship in the second season of the reality show. During Lee’s quest to find her biological father in season one

Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee Are Still Together, Right

After filming, Kreider stated he and Lee were “still close” and were in touch. According to Kreider, they tried to check in on each other’s mental and emotional well-being.

The Lie Detector Exam Still Hasn’t Healed the Wounds Left Behind

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Despite Passing a Lie Detector Exam, the Girl May Still Not Believe Kreider

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Lee Has Come to Terms With What Transpired

When it comes to her relationship with Kreider, Lee says she’s “at peace” with it all. You had to trust your instincts in the end. Because I couldn’t do what everyone else was saying, I had to do what was best for me instead, “she informed me

The Bling Empire Journey of Kevin and Kim

According to Kevin Kreider, who appeared on the show, Kim Lee turned out to be a “spoiled brat” from Malibu who took up DJing on a whim. He couldn’t tolerate her at first.

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