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Kengan Ashura Season 3


Voice entertainer Kaiji Tang is liable for the English voice of the focal person of “Kengan Ashura,” Ohma Tokita nicknamed Ashura.


In “Kengan Ashura,” salaryman Kazuo Yamashita is placed responsible for dealing with the strong Ohma Tokita, which himself’s identity is entrusted with winning a yearly competition facilitated by a portion of Japan’s business elites.


Director Kazuo Yamashita is responsible for dealing with the principal character, Ohma Tokita, in the Kengan Ashura anime. Ohma Tokita needs to win a combative techniques competition held by a portion of Japan’s most impressive money managers consistently.

Release Date

Neither Netflix nor Kengan Ashura creation organization Larx Entertainment have declared if “Kengan Ashura” will return for a third season.


Kengan Omega has another Kengan Association versus Limbo competition, however Kengan Ashura Season 3 will probably continue onward with the competition before perhaps adjusting the spin-off series.

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