In the Dark Season Four |

In the Dark Season Four

What About the Pretzels

Pretzel must be brought up when discussing the impending fourth season. This season of In The Dark looks like Pretzel will be back. Pretzel is by far the show’s most famous character.

What Can We Expect From the Fourth Season of in the Dark

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Release Date

After a short, perhaps COVID-19-influenced delay on June 23, 2021, the show’s third season will premiere in April 2020.

Who Will Appear in the Upcoming Fourth Season of in the Dark

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The Best Places to See Movies After Dark

You can catch up on the first three seasons of In The Dark on the CW network or Netflix. The show has been popular on Netflix for a long time and has even been placed in the top ten shows on the streaming service.

Is the Daughter on in the Dark Blind

No, Perry Mattfeld isn’t blind. Perry Mattfeld, the actress who portrays Murphy Mason, is not blind, even though the character she plays in the show is.

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