Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2

By Linda Mercer

Heaven Official's Blessing Season 1 Recap

The series follows Xie Lan, the deceased crown prince of Xianle. After 800 years, his frequent failures in the mortal sphere have destroyed his reputation among heaven's officials.

Release Date

The second season of Heaven Officials Blessings might air in 2022 if filming wrapped up early. Before the year is over, we are eagerly awaiting the name's publication.


– Wendee Lee – Ling Wen – Lucien Dodge – Fu Yao – Makoto Furukawa – Feng Xin – Yôko Hikasa – Xie Lian – Guangtao Jiang – Xie Lian


Special episodes were given to the flag before the second season was made public. The trailer supported the rumors that the fans had.


Anime Hype has already released the official trailer. Here is the trailer in case you missed it by any way.

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