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Explore The Former CIA Official Edward Snowden’s Net Worth

By Linda Mercer


Edward Snowden was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina on June 21, 1983, to Lonnie, an officer in the United States Coast Guard, and Elizabeth, a clerk in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.

Career Beginning

As a child, Snowden and his family relocated to Fort Meade, Maryland. He passed the GED exam and enrolled at Anne Arundel Community College after missing nearly nine months of school due to mono.

Net Worth 

As of September 2022, According to CAknowledge Edward Snowden has an estimated net worth of  $2 Million.

Edward Snowden with the NSA

Snowden's decision to disclose NSA secrets emerged gradually after his March 2007 assignment as a technician at the CIA station in Geneva. Snowden subsequently made contact with The Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald.

International Asylum

Snowden submitted asylum requests to 21 countries. Initially, Ecuador provided Snowden with a temporary travel document but then retracted the offer.

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