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Dirty John Season 1

What Occurred in Dirty John Season 1

Jacquelyn and Terra, Debra’s kids, feel something is off. John’s criminal past is soon revealed, and we begin to witness flashbacks of his past.

A Guide to the Show

Debra Newell, the character played by Connie Britton, is a successful and wealthy interior designer. Terra and Veronica are her children, and Terra and Terra are her daughters.

Dirty John Season 1 Cast

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The First Episode is Titled

After meeting a charming and attractive doctor, Debra Newell finds herself swept up in an unexpected and whirlwind romance, much to the displeasure of her two daughters.

One Shoe Sixth Episode

Debra makes a decision in regards to John. In Ohio, John’s antics attract the notice of Detective Dennis Luken. What to Keep an Eye Out For

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