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Debbie Rowe Net Worth

By Linda Mercer

Early Life

Deborah Jeanne Rowe was brought into the world on December 6th, 1958. Rowe, who was brought up by herself in Malibu, California, was the adoptive daughter of a couple who was both millionaires


Michael Jackson was getting treatment for vitiligo when he met Rowe. In 1996, she was pregnant, and that same year, she and her husband got married in Sydney, Australia.

Net Worth

According to Debbie Rowe has a net worth of about $25 million.

Marriage to Michael Jackson

Rowe offered to watch his kids, and the man and woman came to an agreement. Rowe said early in 1996 that she was pregnant with Michael Jackson‘s child, but no one knows how this happened.

Debbie Rowe Divorce

In 1999, she took a settlement of more than $6 million and ownership of the couple's mansion in Beverly Hills.

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