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Chosen Netflix Ending


A meteor impacted Middelbo, a tiny village, right near Hussain’s grocery. Hussain used the occasion to start the Meteor Museum.

It was hard to imagine her village and its people when she was told to be quiet. She found a group of adolescents who shared her worries and were deeply investigating the meteor incident.

Who Implanted Hans in Emma

Mads’ teen gang managed the town’s residents. They spied on those near the spacecraft landing. Marie and Emma once watched Susan, Emma’s favourite doctor.

Hans invited Emma to his apartment the next day in class. Emma dreaded the notion, but the group urged her to go see him and install a device on his computer to extract data. Emma arrived as Hans was on his phone.

Lucy’s Alien Hunt

He admired her for her knowledge. This caused a rift in the organization. Emma wished to understand more about the extraterrestrial species and thought she was more than just a gadget carrier.

The ‘Chosen’ Ending  Was Emma An Alien

He revealed what happened 17 years ago. In the chosen ending they came from a world where war was raging. Fearing for their lives, they fled to find a world with similar inhabitants.

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