Bosch Legacy Season 2 |

Bosch Legacy Season 2


Honey Chandler will be played by Lost in Space and NCIS star Mimi Rogers. Maddie Bosch will be played by Maddison Lintz. It has added series regulars Stephen A. Chang and Denise G. Sanchez.


In the new show Bosch: Legacy, Harry Bosch, who used to be an LAPD detective, now works as a private investigator. On his first job, Bosch is sent to Whitney Vance’s estate to find the man’s only heir.


Fans have already seen the first trailer for Bosch: Legacy, which shows how Bosch and Chandler plan to catch Rogers. Everything is in front of you:

Release Date

This show doesn’t need as much work after it’s made as did The Boys and Carnival Row. If the show is renewed sooner rather than later, the second season is likely to start in May 2023.

Is Bosch Legacy Based on a Book

Bosch: Legacy is loosely based on Michael Connelly’s book The Wrong Side of Goodbye, which is also the name of the first episode. It also takes its cues from how Bosch ended after seven seasons.

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