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Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date

By Linda Mercer

Back to 15 Season 2 Recap

Anita is a woman now, 30 years old, and worn out from coping with life's challenges and becoming an adult. Her one and only wish is to regress to when she was half her age, when she was carefree, joyful, and always willing to take chances. 

Release Date

The release date for 2023 is indicated by every hint. The likelihood of the series debuting in 2023 is very strong.  


– As Anita's sister Luiza, Amanda Azevedo – Luiza as an adult, Mariana Rio – As Fabrcio, Guilherme perform


Anita and her family and friends are the main characters of Season 1. Anita was able to transform into her 15-year-old self at the age of 30. 


The release date has not been confirmed, and we know that the clip will only become known after the show has revealed its production schedule. 

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