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Atypical Season 4

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What About The Atypical Season 4?

Sam and Zahid move in a new apartment, but Sam soon finds that he cannot handle Zahid’s eccentric habits and way of life. Izzie’s friendship with Casey’s ex-boyfriend Evan is also a topic of conversation between Casey and Doug.

How The Atypical Season 4 Ends?

At the ending part of the story, we see Sam tells Zahid that he hasn’t heard from Denton’s Antarctica program during Techtropolis’ closeout sale.

Main Characters of The Show-

Jennifer Jason Leigh Keir Gilchrist Brigette Lundy-Paine Amy Okuda Michael Rapaport

Atypical was developed by Robia Rashid. The story mainly focuses on an autistic 18-year-old named Sam Gardner  Read More

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