Anna Shay Net Worth |

Anna Shay Net Worth

Early Life

Anna Shay was born in Tokyo, Japan, on December 31, 1960. Shay is the daughter of the late businessman Edward SShay, who was worth a billion dollars, and Ai-San.


Shay and her brother sold the business their father ran for $1.2 billion in 2006. Her father never wanted her to work while he was alive, but she has helped a lot of people anyway

Net Worth

Anna Shay is worth about $600 million, all told. The heiress is the daughter of the late billionaire who started Pacific Architects and Engineers and was half Japanese and half Russian.

How Does Anna Shay Use Her Money

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Personal Life

People know that Shay’s family has ties to some of the worst parts of the Vietnam War. Research from the University of Dallas, Texas, was used by NBC to show that the CIA hired Anna’s father’s company

What Nationality Is Anna Shay

Anna was born in Japan. She is the only child of Edward Shay, an American businessman who made his money by starting the defense company Pacific Architects and Engineers, and Ai Oizumi Shay

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