Wayward Pines Season 3 – Everything You Need To Know

Wayward Pines is one of the series that have to walk a long mile in order to get a season 3. The show has already released its first season after getting enormous recognition and gets so much popularity over the year. The fans were extra happy when they heard about season 2. After season 2 ends, the series gets attention from the people and they were looking forward to season 3. 

The last episode was left in suspense with promising a lot of things. So, can we accept another season? Are there any chances of the third season to happen? The people wanted to know and that’s why we are here. Read this article and know everything about the Wayward Pines season 3. 

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Wayward Pines – A Popular TV series!

Wayward pines 2 news

An American Tv series that was first released for the popular TV channel FX on 14 May 2015. The series is a perfect pick for the people who love the mystery series. Throughout the series, you’ll love all suspense and drama. The show will further your interest. 

The series is developed by clad Hodge, who is popular for his work on the series Good Behavior and The Playboy Club. Still, his hard work for the Wayward Pines series lies forever on top and among all his work, this series was the one which popularized the most.

Wayward Pines is adapted from the famous novel Wayward pines which is written by Blake Crouch. After the premiering of the first season, the creators planned to release the second season. Well, that decision was surely not the best for them and the show doesn’t make well in ratings and viewership. The people are waiting for the third season. Let’s find out what is cooking for it. 

Will there be Wayward Pines season 3?

wayward pines 2

After the first season got hit among the people the second season was ordered to produce. 9 December 2019 was the day when FOX renewed the series for the second season. The news rushed over the internet and everyone was happy to hear it. 

Finally, the day comes when the second season premiered on television for the people. On May 25, 2016, the series aired on the FOX channel. 

The last episodes of this show were left on a cliffhanger. If you have seen the last episode of the second season then you would have known that the survivors have made sacrifices themes to save the human by killing the Abbies. This move of the humans was successful and we thought the series had officially ended but after a few seconds, there was a newborn Abbie in the story.

What does it mean? The story opens more possibilities of the story with the newborn Abbies. This clearly states that the series has more to tell and now this baby will be the new target for humans. 

The people have a lot of questions and theories on their minds but there was nothing officially revealed yet. The audience is unaware of season 3 and they don’t know if it will happen or not. Neither the show has confirmed the third season nor they canceled it. There might be rumors that the series is officially canceled but that is not true. 

There is nothing revealed about the series and the last time we heard about the show was when the chief president of FOX channel, David Madden spoiled that he had a meeting with M. Night Shyamalan for the conservation of season 3.

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Why was Wayward Pines Season 3 Cancelled?

Wayward Pines

Wayward pines emerge as a successful mystery story. The first season was great and also gained a lot of praise and viewership. The series was left on a cliffhanger and there are some little hopes left among the people to see the series. It’s been over 5 years and still, there is no update. Wayward Pines never really got canceled and that’s the reason why there are still question marks on its renewal status. 

But we feel that the series is canceled without any announcement. Season 2 was already a disappointment for the people and it was not able to meet the demand. The ratings and viewership were enough to not make another season. But still, we can’t 100% say that until or unless we heard from the officials. 

If there will be any updates about the renewal status of the show then I’ll let you know. 

What is the Release date of Wayward Pines season 3?

The release date of season 3 isn’t officially announced yet. If the series got a green light from the officials and the production starts this year then we might see the Wayward Pines in 2022-2023

But if this didn’t happen then I don’t really think that this series will ever happen. The TV channels are already silent about it and it looks like the idea is not going to work. After David Madden had that conversation, it was never really out what they had concluded. The fans never really got to know about season 3. 

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Where is the Official trailer of Wayward Pines season 3?

The official trailer of this show is also not there. If you are looking for the season 3 trailer then I am sorry to tell you that there is none. But if you are someone new to this show then here is the trailer of the first season. 

I would not really say that this is the official one but it will definitely give you an idea about the show. 

What are the ratings of this show?

The show once had an amazing rating after season 1 ends. But as season 2 releases, the rating decrease. Season 2 came out as a bad decision for the people but never mind! The overall ratings of this show were good. With a 7.4/10 rating on IMDb and a 60% rating of the rotten tomatoes, the show goes pretty well for criticism. 

The audience loved this mystery series and that’s how the show made 4.5 stars in the audience rating summary. Also, over 87% of the people over the internet liked this show

Final words

Wayward Pines has released its 2 seasons and the third season was never officially announced. Nobody knows about season 3 since its renewal status was something unopened. The show is not officially canceled to date and it leads the chances for season 3. Plus, the last episodes of season 2 were left on a cliffhanger which allows the viewers to look for more episodes. 

Till season 3 gets a proper announcement, you should just head to our website and read more about some latest shows. Visit Keeperfacts now 🙂

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