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Watchmen Season 2 : Will It “Renews” Again Or “Not”!

Watchmen Season 2, as we know being Marvel fans, how eagerly we are waiting for the season second of this American- superhero drama.

You must be wondering about season second and it’s release, season one was released on 4 March 2009. And now it’s been eleven years since the creators of the Watchmen are not showing any sign of the release but we have a statement of the officials that will clear, your mind whether the season is going to be released or not.

But to know more, you need to be with us till the end of this article, we have covered everything we far know about Watchmen 2.

Is There Any Official Release of Watchmen Season 2?

This is the only question everyone has in their mind about the Watchmen Season second but is there any relent answer for this? We have tried to give, a very fair answer to this question.

The show is canceled and it is the decision of both Damon Lindelof and HBO’s. Both of them have decided to end this season. Lindelof, who is an American screenwriter and writer of the Watchmen, says in a statement that he is not interested in making a second season.

But why he said this, is the question here, before giving an answer to that question have a look at this tweet.

In a recent update, it is revealed that Lindelof said that he has completed the complete story in the very first season, now he has nothing to do with the next season.

But there are chances that season second, will renew again. If this kind of situation ever happens we will update this article soon for you. Till then bookmark our website to get the latest updates.

Let’s talk a bit about the very first season before jumping into the season second 🙂

The Watchmen HBO

The Watchmen is an American superhero drama that is a television series which is based on a well-known name in the world of comics, the is DC Comics. The series is created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Season one has about nine episodes name-

It’s summer And We Are Running Out Of Ice.

Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship.

She Was Killed by Space Junk.

If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own.

Little Fear of Lightning.

This Extraordinary Being.

An Almost Religious Awe.
A God Walks into Abar.
See How They Fly.

The above is the name of the season one episodes from episode one to episode nine. You can also check our latest article which is also on the American-super hero drama.

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IMDb Ratings of Watchmen Season 1

According to the IMDb, the series has got 8.1 ratings out of 10, which is completely good enough, I think so.

And you know what, how Succesful the series is? It’s each episode has about 7 million views per episode. Isn’t it great? I know now you must be wondering to know, how users reacted to this drama.

We have collected some of the handful of reviews from the IMDb users.

Users Reactions On This Drama

Haters gonna hate

“How do you review a show after one episode? Two or even three? Let the show develop. The fanboys are crying for all the wrong reasons. This is a very good sequel to an amazing graphic novel with the politics updated to our times.”

I Guess I do Not wake Enough.”

“Made it through the third episode, then just got tired of being told how bad white people are. If there was a point to all of this, I could not care enough to hang around and find out what it was. I can honestly say this is the worst example of reverse racism I’ve come across since M.A.N.T.I.S. Huge disappointment.”

Was not what I was expecting!

“I could not wait to see this show. Watchmen fan from way back, I don’t know what I was expecting. But this was not it. I will most likely not watch a second episode. Not sure about the target audience for this show, but I am not in it. Another misfire for HBO.”


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Is Season One Is The End of Watchmen?

Maybe yes, because the creator clearly states that “He is not interested to work on the second installment” and also says that season one is all, he wanted to say, which simply means watchmen one is the complete story, maybe now he is running out of ideas, that’s why he is not interested in making the second installment.

Or maybe they have earned more money from the Watchmen, as stated above every single episode of “Watchmen” has about seven million views. Which simply turns into a huge amount, what do you think? Tell us in our comment section, what is the main reason behind this cancellation according to you?

Have a look at this video whose title is “HBO Watchmen Season 2 CANCELLED?!!! 

Bottom Lines

Well, it is the end of this article, our main goal is to keep you updated on everything in the world of entertainment and also to give you my honest opinion and fair answers to your queries.

If you find this article informative, then let us know in our comment section below, also share this article with your friends, who are waiting for season 2 of the watchmen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-When does Watchmen Season 2 come out?

A-As the statement of HBO, it is not likely to happen again, but it is not the fixed statement, maybe the show will renew for its season second.

Q-What is the story of Watchmen Season 1 episode 2?

A-Watchmen is an American super-hero drama is based on the DC comics, in the very first episode, a black child loses his parents in the Black Wall Street Massacre. several years later it Charlie Sutton is hospitalized, as he is shot by Seventh Kavalry. Officers ordered to find and investigate the complete case.

Q-How many seasons Watchmen have?

A-Only one, the watchmen has only 1 season till now and there are no chances for the renewal of the season second again.

Q-Where to watch Watchmen 1 and Watchmen Season 2?

A-You can watch Watchmen 1 on Amazon-prime videos, HBO, ShowTime, and Starmoviz this is for only season one and if the season continues then it will be available on HBO because HBO is the distributor for the Watchmen series.