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These days, Hollywood or other types of movies that now and then require a couple of days to get released in India starts things out in Piracy sites like Isaidub before the Theater debut. The entertainment world endures a loss of nearly $3 billion consistently due to these piracy or torrent sites.

These sites like, Isaimini, Isaidub, Moviezwap, and a lot more releases the film within a couple of hours of its authority release which thusly lessens the number of individuals that really go through cash to watch pictures. Because of this film producers faces a loss.

Isaidub is a nearly new and exceptionally trending piracy site. This famous site attempts to give pirated Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Kannada motion pictures alongside some ungrouped films liberated from cost.


The Indian Government has effectively restricted the site. Whoever utilizes the site utilizing a straightforward VPN system are powerless and are surrendering their character somehow. Become familiar with how a typical free VPN is pointless by reading on.

Wicked Isaidub is transferring the new deliveries inside the space of hours or days. The nature of the video and sound parts of the film draws in an ever-increasing number of individuals to utilize the services of the site.

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Prior just Tamil motion pictures were powerless against privacy on this site. Be that as it may, presently, motion pictures from Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Pakistani, and so forth are convenient as well.

How Does Isaidub Works?

The idea of better innovation to the country regions is viewed as a significant justification for this piracy outbreak. The unprotected screens of nearby theatres likewise release the most recent and latest movie.

However, they don’t carefully follow the counter-piracy innovation alright. The net of piraters spread across India who discretely work for the site can shoot the video on their modest yet high-spec smartphone and transfer it without a lot of costs.


It is straightforward that the site is accepting an immense income from the clients by attracting them into popup notices when they click on the download connect. Each click and action is acquiring them a nice income.

As an authentic promotion service provider, for example, AdSense by Google can’t be utilized by these sites because of the necessity of individual details, they utilize different propellers and advertising networks that permit total protection.

Popularity of Isaidub

A website called on the internet ranks other websites of the world on the basis of their performance analysis like daily traffic and active users. The Global ranking of Isaidub is 535,128, as stated by The website is getting continuous growth and day by day it is getting more popular as its ranking hats jump from 996,708 to 533128. You will be amazed to know that Isaidub is getting more than 5.8 Million views annually.

Estimated Net Worth of Isaidub

Based on the data given by like daily traffic, active users and money spend on the website, a website called estimates the net worth of websites provided by

According to, Isaidub’s estimated net worth is around US$ 15,092 and the estimated advertising revenue of Isaidub is around US$ 17,280

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Is It Safe to Use Isaidub?

The Isaidub doesn’t ask you to disclose any personal information prior to downloading the movie. You can get to the site with a VPN running which implies they couldn’t care less about your location.

You can download free HD motion pictures without giving any private information or filling forms or review gatherings to get joins. You can tap the connect to the film and you will be taken straightforwardly to the film. However, that isn’t the only way they can put a follow on you.


These days individuals are getting more accommodated with innovation. From broken information, they invest heavily in realizing how to escape from the authority taking the four dividers of their rooms to give sufficient security to do anything unlawful.

This is 2021, You may realize how to download a free VPN from the Playstore and with a single tick you can avoid the position cautioning sign opposing a few sites by the Indian Government. Or then again you realize how to utilize a proxy.

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Is It Illegal to Download Movies From Isaidub?

Yes. The Isaidub is a boycotted site from which in the event that you download or access any sort of movie is a criminal offence that is attended with similarly punishable as distributing the content.

Such destinations are advancing piracy and watching the most recent film without covering the Entertainment charge and furthermore penetrating the copyrights and brand name practices enriched uniquely with the producers. Carrying out something like this is punishable under the Piracy Law 2012, by the Indian Panel Code(IPC).

The penalty holds a half year to 3 years of detainment combined with the punishment of up to Rs. 200,000. The individual who watches the video from the sites will likewise be punished to equivalent punishment. The cases recorded against the criminals are extremely less. As the copyright holder can prevent the site, that is the lone thing they do.


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