Watamote 2- Surely Have Weird Name But Is Great Anime!

Most of the anime series are the visual representation of a manga series. Nowadays, people are more into anime compared to manga and that is the reason why manga are also getting popular. But we can’t deny the fact that manga are actual art of the writer and there are companies who just buy them in order to make an anime out of it. There are tons of anime which makes their manga popular and one of them is Watamote. 

Though it sounds super weird to me at first but it’s English translation is much weirder. Wanna know? The series, in English, translated as, “No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! ”. I mean yeah, it is weird but that doesn’t mean the show is not popular. The people are crazy over this series because of many reasons which we are going to discuss in this article. If you are interested to know about them and also about this article then stay right here!

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WataMote Anime Series

Watamote anime updtaes

The manga series which is known as “No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!” and in short popularly known as WataMote is an Japanese manga series. The series is constructed by two people under the Pseudonym Nico Tanigawa, who have written and illustrated it for the people. 

In the year 2011, the manga series started to serialize its content to the people and also started publishing the story in the japan. The series got attention from the people and it also started making more name in the world of manga. 

Now, the Silver link company noticed this manga and started its own anime in the name of WataMote. The series made its appearance in the television on the year 2013.the series was originally ended in the same year and people are wondering if there are any chances of the series getting back? Well, if you wanna know then read out the next section. 

Is WataMote Getting Back With Another Season?

Watamote image

The anime was first released in July, 2013 and ended in September 2013. The publication team have also released an OVA (Original Visual Animation) of this series. Now, the series was popular among the audience because it does look into some of the social messages which were and are important for our society. The story follows a 15 year old girl who is socially awkward and has a lot of anxiety. Now, we know who these issues are just there but still some of the people find it hard to say or to express their feelings. 

Looking at the message of this anime series, I feel that this series definitely deserves a second season. On the other hand, the series started to have some backlash and controversy because of the treatment of people who are feeling socially awkward in the society. 

Moreover, there is no official statement regarding the second season. The officials have never really said if the first series was the end of WataMote or not. But with all these supporters we are really waiting for another season. 

Additionally, if there will be another season then we’ll update this section for you. Bookmark it now, so that you can have the updated content of your favorite anime series. 

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What will be the plot of WataMote 2?

WataMote season 2

Before heading further, let me tell you that this section contains Spoilers. 

The first season of this series mainly revolves around Tomoko Kurroi, who is a high school kid. Tomoko Kurroi is popular in the world of Otome Games. She is used to the popularity which she has gained in the world of games. After entering high school, she thought that her life would be the same as it used to be earlier in the world of games. 

But the reality hits hard in her face and she came to know about her insecurity. She started to lose her interest around the people. She thought of gaining her online popularity back in the real world. 

Now, coming back to season 2, the series will again take the series back to the time where it ends. The people are really looking forward to another season and hoping for another season. The show admirers are looking forward but they are still hoping. 

Moreover, if the story will put forward Tomoko Kurroi’s love life then it would be amazing. Romantic anime have always gained attention from the anime lover so yeah, the writer can think about it. 

Does Netflix have a WataMote Series?

Now, if you haven’t watched this series yet and wanted to watch it then you should definitely head to Netflix. Yes, Netflix owns the right to broadcast WataMote series on their streaming platform and it adds more popularity for this show. 

Is WataMote finished?

The series was on the television for a long period of time and people were crazy over this show. The show has already won the Shoujo Award. Regarding the finishing of the show, the show is already finished. The series is already finished airing but it is not really officially finished. The writers have officially ended the manga series.   

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Is WataMote Worth Watching?

A 15 year old girl who is insecure and not social in her highschool life is all you want. The story revolves around Tomoko Kurroi, who is good at playing online games and is quite popular. After all these virtual popularity, she started to feel confident but soon got a head bump after being socially awkward around her ages of boys and girls. 

If you find these types of content interesting to watch then this is your go to anime. Plus, this anime is interesting and gets more amazing as you move forward with the episode. 

Final Words

The Japanese anime series which is popular among the youth is not planning to release any season any time soon. The show has released the first season and an OVA for the people. It looks like that was it and there is no more statement regarding the series. The people are still hoping to see the stressful life of a high school kid. The show has already attracted people of all ages. The show is not renewed for an official release till now. If there will be any updates then we’ll let you know. 

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