Warzone Bunker Codes: All Locations and Codes 2022

Tracking down loot in Call of Duty: Warzone Bunker Codes can represent the deciding moment your possibilities dominating the match. Players who have the best stuff will have a higher possibility of outdueling their rivals, getting through fights, and effectively exploring to somewhere safe.

There are a few locations on Verdansk called dugouts that contain the absolute best loot accessible. The shelters take some setting up to get into, as well as putting the players who decide to endeavor section at risk for adjacent foes. However, one shelter of loot can give you the edge you really want to dominate the match.

While there have historically been dugouts accessible in the game, access was as of late added to six spots by contributing a code into a keypad at the location. These regions have become incredibly well known and are often where players will actually want to find and take out foes endeavoring to enter.

Here Are the Locations for the Shelters on Warzone Bunker Codes Verdansk Map

The season six/World War II dugouts

More dugouts were added to Warzone with its 6th season. Very much like the past dugouts, the new ones likewise include loot, weapons, from there, the sky is the limit, making them worth finding.

Season six acquainted three new dugouts with Warzone. Dissimilar to the past dugouts, each of their passageways will currently be opened. This implies players can enter these without codes or keys to open them-and you could coincidentally find rivalry heading inside. Here’s the place where you can track down them.

Warzone Bunker Codes

The Airport Bunker is situated toward the east side of Verdansk’s Airport. When you arrive, pay special attention to the holders that will be noticeable toward the finish of the runway.

Assuming you’re searching for the crevice that showed up after Adler initiated the seismic gadgets beneath the city, look at the southeast side of the milestone from the fortification, where you can see a gathering of rocks on the guide.

The Boneyard Bunker

The Boneyard Bunker is moderately simpler to see when contrasted with the other new fortifications. You’ll have to leave Boneyard from one of its eastern doors, and you should track down the entry of the dugout in a nearby location between the upper east of Boneyard and a few stockrooms.

The Array Bunker

You’ll have to continue making a beeline for the upper east in the wake of coming to Array to observe the Array Bunker. The actual location neglects a way that parts out of the primary street. You’ll track down the entry to the fortification inside a red holder.

For the gap, you can continue to travel upper east toward the south side of that milestone until you run into a heap of structures.

Old Bunkers

Keypad Locations

Jail Shack


Found west of the Zordaya Prison Complex, there’s a little shack all alone. At the entryway of the shack, there will be a keypad. Enter the given code into the keypad and you’ll have the option to open the entryway and gather the loot contained inside.

Farmland : Warzone Bunker Codes


When you’re at Farmland, explore the biggest construction. Inside this barn, look under the steps, where you’ll track down the keypad to enter the relating code. There’s probably the best loot accessible in Warzone inside this vault.

Warzone Bunker Codes

South Junkyard Bunker


Around Junkyard, there are two separate keypad-locked dugout locations. The first can be gotten to through the particular dugout that shows up south of Junkyard. When you enter the entryway, you’ll slip a few steps prior to observing a huge, supported entryway that can be opened with the keypad on the right-hand side.

North Junkyard Bunker


On the north side of the fortification, you’ll see a progression of three shelters appended to one structure. Explore the entryway on the right-hand side and enter. Through the entryway, you should see an enormous, supported entryway with a keypad to enter the code.

Park Bunker


Beneath Tavorsk Park, somewhat above Styor Spomenik, on a little slope is covered up a dugout. Enter the fortification and you’ll be met with one more supported entryway joined by a keypad. Enter the code given to open the entryway and get to its substance.

Warzone Bunker Codes

Television slot


East and beneath the TV Station, players will see a little shack alone on the side of the road. This building ought to have a keypad out front. Basically, enter the entrance code to open the entryway and permit the player to gather the loot inside.

Remaining dugouts : Warzone Bunker Codes

There are eight excess shelters that can be gotten to by utilizing the red access card that can be found in loot cases around the guide. This thing is very intriguing and often will go inconspicuous all through games. For players who observe the entrance card, these dugouts can give incredibly important loot to help them all through the game.

Head upper east from the Prison and you’ll see a fortification cut into the side of a precipice with access underneath the extension.

Among Quarry and Lumber over the train burrow, a fortification can be found.

On the west side of the guide close to the North Junkyard Bunker, players will actually want to see a particular fortification that can be gotten to with the utilization of the red access card.

On the northwest side of the guide, close to the dam, players will recognize a sign with Russian lettering in the precipices. Right over this is the place where you can get to a fortification.

Right above Crash Site in the slopes toward the west, players can detect another fortification.

Traveling east of the TV station toward the upper east of the Stadium, players can get to a hidden entryway that takes them to the section to the shelter.

Right opposite the 6th fortification, slide the arrangement of steps to track down the entry to this location.

This shelter is situated on a bluff confronting right at the lower part of the guide. Players will actually want to drop down onto an edge to get to the section and will actually want to get back to the street through a little way.

Dugout 11 : Warzone Bunker Codes

There’s another dugout open in Warzone known as shelter 11. Entering the dugout will compel the player to settle a riddle around the guide that, thusly, will open the shelter.

This puzzle will expect players to separate, finding telephones around the guide that will take care of the three digits compared to one more arrangement of telephones around the guide.

Content maker, NoahJ456, has assembled a guide displaying every one of the potential locations for enactment telephones and their comparing known sets. Noah likewise displayed the interpretations for the Russian numbers and how to decipher the Morse code expected to get into shelter 11 in his aide.

Warzone Bunker Codes

Arena Bunker

There’s one last fortification location concealed on the Warzone map within the Verdansk Stadium. Entering this shelter expects players to finish a progression of code-breaking difficulties utilizing numbers displayed on neighboring PCs to tackle a few codes that will open entryways that take the group further into the vault.

To start with, players should procure a blue key card that will have an entrance code for a secured entryway in the arena. The entrance codes for every location are as per the following:

P216 – Parking Basement

EL21 – second Level

CL19 – first Level

Inside these rooms will be images displayed on a PC screen that is essential to interpreting the code and accessing the fortification. When you have effectively worked out what numbers compare to every image, you can open the vault by contributing the finished code. Inside, you’ll discover a portion of the game’s best loot. In any case, be careful that this code changes each game and you will not have the option to enter with a similar code each time.

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