The Second Season of Warrior Nun Will Not Be Released on Netflix Until April 2022

Netflix has a habit – a highly sought-after pun – of taking seemingly ridiculous (hello, too hot to handle) assumptions and turning them into surprise hits. Take Warrior Nun, for example, which, yes, is a true show that reached the top 10 on Netflix’s Most-Watched Series list when it was released earlier this year. The story is based on orphan kid Ava, as she wakes up in a morgue and soon finds that she has been imbued with ancient skills via an artifact embedded in her back. Oh, and won a free ticket to join the Order of the Cruciform Sword, a group of warrior nuns, do you realize it now? buys into the hype.

Warrior Nun Season 2

What follows is full of supernatural fights, sleek superpowers, and flashy outfits, but the delightful cast saves this otherwise irreverent show from the alienation of its audiences. As the latest of Netflix’s hit comic book adaptations, Warrior Nun gives us little reason to doubt we’ve seen the last of Ava’s adventures. After all, we have to learn what happens after the massive cliffhanger of the finale. Will we witness the epic battle between good and evil? Or will Ava hang her halo for a lifetime in the hills, a la Maria in The Sound of Music?

Here’s All You Want to Know About the Second Season of Warrior Nun

Season 2 is officially launched.

On August 19, Netflix released an official announcement that Warrior Nun has been given the green light for another season. During an adorable virtual reunion posted by the streaming service on Twitter, the cast erupted in ecstasy when showrunner Simon Barry announced that they would be reuniting soon.

COVID19 will likely stop production.

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That said, even if Warrior Nun got the shot he deserved, we’re unlikely to see a second season until the second half of 2021. As Hollywood halted production during the coronavirus pandemic, filming will be slow to resume.

Warrior Nun Season 2

The cast members are already giving suggestions for the next chapter. Several cast members have already spoken about their predictions for the future. Notably, Toya Turner, who plays Shotgun Mary, told “After watching the show you’ll say, oh they’re going to take it a step further. And in an interview with Refinery 29, star Alba Baptista discussed The limits the series could push in its exploration of Adriel, a character with a compelling story. I think it’s so dense and there are several layers to its story, which we’ll find out later.

He later added that the second season could be even wilder than the first. “[There’s going to be] a big, big reveal for a possible Season 2,” he said. “It was well thought out. It wasn’t just an accident. It’s another twist that viewers can imagine for another year. They’ll have to wait for another season.

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The showrunner has plans far beyond that. season 2. Barry is certainly hoping for a season two, but if he had his choice he would also get a third, fourth and fifth season.

And he revealed to Looper that “in a way, we were hiding so many secrets in the first season. The fact that we now have the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, in terms of the series’ mythology.

Towards the final moments of the inaugural season finale, Adriel intends to reclaim the Nun Halo after s. ‘being escaped from the grave to carry out his evil plans. Mary is invaded. of Adriel’s powerful demons, the season finale ends with a cliffhanger on the fate of the nuns.

Warrior Nun Season 2

Warrior Nun – Season 2 Plot

Why is he still alive and is he a demon? He learns that he has passed himself off as an angel who sacrifices his halo for the Order so that it can be served by the Templars. The Order is also found to be submissive to Adriel, as is Father Vincent, who claimed to be helping Ava and is also responsible for Sister Shannon’s death.

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Speaking about next season in an interview with Inverse, creator Simon Barry said, “When we finished Season 1, we had a lot more possibilities to move forward depending on the plot, so we created a dossier in thinking, hey, if we’re lucky enough to have season 2, here are a few things we could take some inspiration from. After seeing the show finished, we just got together

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