Wanted Season 4: Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2022!

I know many of you believed that there will be Wanted Season 4, but what if I say there won’t be the season? Sound heart breaking, right? get ready to bear the pain, wondering why?

In this, we have packed some major things that will clarify that there won’t be a new installment again.

This drama, Wanted is basically an idea of Australian Drama. The story mainly focuses on two major characters. The main leads are strangers at first, wondering how they came together? Both were caught up in a carjacking by the police and in the end, they decided to come out from this situation and started running together.

The story is well customized and scripted and the actors which are in the series are very well sculptured in their own field.

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Wanted Season 4

According to Newmagazinresearch, at first, for this show, it seems like the show got canceled but as some time passes Netflix decided to pick this show up again and renew for the third season but what about season fourth is heaving everyone’s mind.

Maybe the same happens with the fourth installment, well if something like this happens in the future then we would update the relevant details in the same post, so don’t forget to bookmark us💛💛💛.

Now, if the show renews then who will be in this? Let’s find this out too

What About Cast of Wanted Season 4?

The show has some chances to get a renewal but what about its cast? Well, some fans are hoping to see the old characters unite again together. We could expect to see-want

  • Rebecca Gibney as Lola Buckley
  • Geraldine Hakewill as Chelsea Babbage
  • Stephen Peacocke as Detective Josh Levine
  • Kate Box as Detective Maxine
  • Ryan Corr as Chris Morphett 
  • Nicholas Bell as Ray Stanton

  • Mirko Grillini as Terry Boke 
  • Todd Levi as Ebert
  • Nicholas Hamilton as Jamie
  • Veronica Neave as Karen Stanton
  • Anthony Phelan as Kelvin
  • Charles Cottier as David Buckley
  • Dean O’Gorman as Will Johnson

Moreover, we could expect to see some new cast and crew in this, if the show gets a renewal.

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Fans Love Or Hate The Show?

Well, everybody knows there are always pros and cons of everything simply saying each and everything has two sides like a coin. Talking about this series, the series has got some kind of positive reviews from the audience while some find the series a complete waste of time, which is completely their opinion, we couldn’t say anything.

I personally liked this show very much, what about you? Tell, us your honest opinions right below in our comment section before that let’s read some reviews of the viewers.

  • Superbly acted and written. Not your average cop drama. the plot changes every time you get up for a pint. Not a problem for the cast, which turns on a dime. Keeps the audience guessing, and engaged.
  • Perfect for binge-watching. Hard to put down. The only problem for American ears is that sometimes the Australian accents are hard to pick out from the background sound. Otherwise, a 10 out of 10.

  • The first season is good, but the stupidity gets tiresome in the next two seasons. The story is kept alive (essentially on life support) by the obvious, deliberate, and continuous insertion of blunders by all characters.
  • Even worse is the injection of “soap opera” drama sub-stories in an attempt to dilute the silliness of the failing central fugitive story – these fall flat. I watched all seasons but found myself longing for the season 2 and season 3 endings.

Any Trailer For Wanted Season 4

I think looking for the trailer at this point in time is like drinking juice with a fork, frankly speaking, you should not waste your time in those false teasers, who are claiming themself as the official ones. Be aware of them.

We have mentioned a fan-made teaser, just for fun! Watch this and tell us, what do you expect from the season forth?

Final Lines

In this we have covered everything we know about the fourth installment, I literally don’t think that there will be season fourth because at first, the creators are even not sure for the third installment, maybe they are losing with their interest in the Wanted series.

Hoping from our side that you find our post helpful for you. If, yes then please let us know your feedback and suggestion in our feedback section. Also bookmark us, so that we could see your gorgeous faces again.

It time to end this post, what about ending this with an old dialogue?

“Only Men Need To Be Love Sweetheart, Women Need To Be Wanted”

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We will update this article with more details as more information about the possible Wanted Season 4 becomes available, so feel free to bookmark this page, and follow our page on Facebook to get notified.