Wandavision Is Finally Coming


Are you a Marvel fan? Have you always watched every single movie of it? Do you love to explore more about the movie? Are you waiting for Wandavision, which was announced to premiered during last year? The Marvel upcoming Wandavision was decided to release during the Thanksgiving time, which was probably last year but we haven’t heard or seen any thing about this since then.

Did you see it? Because I don’t and the reason why most of you are here because you too have a confusion about it. So, in this article we’re going to discuss about the Marvel universe another Character’s series Wandavision and all the possible details which we know so far about it. If you’re also a die hard fan of Marvel Series and don’t go anywhere unless you complete this article.

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Wandavision – A complete profile

Wandavision is an upcoming show for the audience, especially for the Marvel fans. The show follows the story of Marvel comic character Vision and Wanda Maximoff ( which you probably heard in the story as Scarlet Witch). The show is set after the time of Avenger – Endgame, which all probably watched till now and if you don’t then I’ll recommend you to watch it.

Because all of these story is such a waste if you haven’t watch the old movies of Marvel. Why? Because Marvel is known for making it’s series in a sequence and what you watch now is linked with it’s prequel series and so on.

So to understand the whole concept of these story you have to start with Zero, which will definitely be Captian America – The first Solider.

Coming to Wandavision, the Director of the story is Matt Shakman. Unlike the other show of MCU (Marvel cinematic Universe), Wandavision is basically a sitcom. Now, what is it?

A sitcom is a set of episodes and the story will be dictate using in the following episode. To put is more simply, have you watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S ever or How I Met Your Mother? Yeah, these are termed as sitcom and Wandavision will be somewhat will come to us like this.

Additionally, we have a beautiful interview of our favorite Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) with Jimmy Kimmel.

Wandavision – When we’re going to watch it?

Wandavision meme

This series was officially announced to premiered during the last year, November-December times atleast every one thought it. But NO, the show is decided to cut off and now it is postponed to another date. Now, Wandavision is Officially going to release on tomorrow i.e. 15 January, 2021.

Wait, Wait, Wait

They have also released the second episode release date i.e. 22 January, 2021. And I know you’re excited as hell now. So, congratulations you have made for so far, now just wait for few more hours and you are all set to watch this amazing Series.

Wandavision – Where can I watch the Trailer of this series?

So, after listening to the news that it is going to release tomorrow you are must be excited as hell. But have you seen the official trailer of this series? If you don’t then no problem because we, at Keeperfacts, have everything ready for our loved readers. The Official trailer of Wandavision is already uploaded in the YouTube.

The official Marvel Entertainment account released the first trailer 3 months before and it have gained over 17 Million views all around the world. If you also want to watch the trailer you can click on this video.

Fan’s reaction to first Trailer

The fan’s reacted after watching this video like crazy. We have mentioned some of the reaction of the fans for you. Read them aloud and enjoy them.

Moxie is a disaster“Honestly Wanda really deserves better, she lost her parents, brother, boyfriend and some of her mentor figure (Natasha, Steve), so honestly I don’t Blame her for trying to create her own new reality, because her current reality doesn’t treat her very well.”

MMObyte “ I didn’t expect this, but it’s not unwelcome. This looks like it could be one of the Marvel’s most unique TV series!”

Chavesa65“Inject these right into my veins. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany have always killed it in these parts, and I am READY for them for a showcase. “

Wait, Where are you going? We have something more for you.. One month earlier The Marvel Entertainment have released the second trailer of this series, which all gets hit. Click on this video and watch the full video by yourself 👇

Fan’s reaction to second trailer

As like we have mentioned the feedback of the people in the first trailer, here are some of the reaction for the second one too.

Mr. Krepshus“Marvel’s 2021 Agenda is to mess with our heads as much as possible. These new shows looks like pure imagination and total insanity. Goes to show what you can get when you let great film-makers have full creative freedom. Love it. “

Karan“The most tragic couple in the MCU, glad to see them again.”

Joey “The chills I got from watching this is just goes worse and worse as the trailer went on.”

Wandavision – What is the storyline?

Marvel universe is always known for a great storyline and we can’t even argue more Duhh! You know the story is going to be awesome if Stan Lee have written it down. We Miss you Stan Lee 😢 So, likewise the story line of Wandavision is also going to be amazing.

The trailer have revealed a lot about the show and it’s plot and if didn’t get it then we’re here to explain it. And if you wanna know about the description of Wandavision’s trailer the read it Fully.

*This section contains spoilers*

The trailer start as usual with the Marvel Studios logo but the point to remember here that the Logo looks kinda old. Like it is not the current logo of Marvel Studios. The Logo is basically of the tines of 90s and that’s how will be the story.

To put is more simply, the series will be divided into the different time frame of 1950s to 2020 and you van tell it by watching the graphics, which are normally Black & White and screen ratio.

The screen ratio of the series varies greatly and it tells that the plot it set in the different times. As you watch ahead of the show, you’ll find the recent and colorful Graphics.

Why is vision there?


The trailer start with a Car and you can see clearly that it have a board, which have written, JUST MARRIED, on it. Now, it is quite obvious that the marriage is of Wanda and vision. Like we know how Wanda always wanted to married with Vision and wanted to have a normal life.

Now wait, If you have watched the end game you know that Vision was already dead, Right? Then from where the hell this guy came and just married to Wanda?


Okay let me tell you that this all is in the Mind of Wanda she is creating a other reality in which vision is still alive and they are happily married. Now you must be thinking that you have heard similar story anywhere. Let me tell you it is s resembles to the story of house of M.

In the upcoming part, you’ll see how these two are living there daily life which we all know is the dream of Wanda and before the Infinity war they are doing the same thing. You’ll also see a new Character of Kathryn Hahn, which is still unknown to us.

Now, in one scene Wanda was doing magic by pouring a glass of wine. Seems pretty normal right? No, after watching it closely you can see that the bottle of wine have Masion DU written on it. Which means in French “House of”. So, the bottle clearly indicates this series is somewhere based on House of M.

What is House of M?

House of MThis is a popular comic of Marvel Universe and if you have read it you know that in the story Wanda have loss her two child which she later regenerates through her Magical powers. She changed the reality and generates her own one of that her two twins baby can be alive again. Now, we can guess that something similar to this will be happen on the show too. Wanda will regenerates Vision in her life too but dies everything will be back to normal, I don’t think so.

In the next part, we’ll see two neighbors are having food with Wanda and vision and they ask some questions related to tgere past and by listening to it they both (Wanda and vision) become uncomfortable, especially the Vision. After getting rid of all these questions are hard for our poor Wanda so she decided to keep changing the reality again and again.

Wanda changes the reality

Now in the next scene the graphic changes to color which was earlier black and white and we’ll see Wanda and vision are holding babies which we all know from the comics are two twin boy.  You will again see the Character of Kathryn Hahn which we have seen earlier.

Who is Agnes ?


This is a Character of the Marvel comic Universe and by the reoccurring of her clearly indicates that Wanda is not creating her but she is just following or Maybe stuck in these time gap Reality. Now who is she? She is the famous comic Character Agnes who is a powerful witch and taught the great Magic to Wanda. She is basically a mentor for her who taught her how to control her Magic.

*Spoiler alert*

But in the comic book, Wanda got mad because of her powers and she killed her mentor i.e. Agnes. That that can be understood why she said that An I alive or dead to vision.

Why is there Mind stone?

While watching the trailer, I have notice that the mind stone was clearly there in Vision head all the time. But it was finished in the Endgame so how can it be there? Plus Mindstome didn’t existed at all. Does it mean Wanda can alter the reality which will lead to the back of Mindstone also? We don’t know and this will be clear after watching the series.

What is the role of Monica?

Monica of Wandavision

In the trailer you’ll see the Character Monica who is thrown back to the real reality and there are many government officers surrounds her. This tells that whatever Wanda is doing is disturbing the real world too. And the government is taking action for it. But why Monica is there? We know from the Captain Marvel movie that Monica didn’t have any special powers so why is she described this in this show. There is a theory that Wanda have given her all these Powers by unknowingly.

Do you like it? If you do then tell us what do you think about the storyline and what are your predictions about it. We’ll love to hear what are our fan’s think.

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Wandavision – Famous Dialogue

  • She Knows. They Both Do.
  • I Used To Think Of Myself One Way, But After This, I Am Something Else. And Still Me, I Think.
  • You will.
  • You Guys Know I Can Move Things With My Mind, Right?
  • It’s my Job.
  • Ultron Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Saving The World And Destroying It. Wonder Where He Gets That From.
  • Sooner or later, every man shows himself.
  • Everybody is afraid of something.
  • I Can’t Control Their Fear, Only My Own.
  • That’s too A High price.

How people reacted to this news?

So, as now it is clearly sure that tomorrow Wandavision is going to come for us. Twitter is filled with the hashtag #Wandavision and there is thousands of tweet from people and even from the big celebrity and people have a different reaction for this news. If are interested to read about the reaction then I have mentioned them.

“Oh. My. Goodness. #WandaVision is as creative, exciting, and fresh as expected. Each episode is packed with hints and Easter Eggs, and it genuinely captures the spirit of each decade. I can’t wait anymore by watching all these fricking hashtag all over. The MCU is “thinking outside of the box” here, and Olsen is on another level. I need more.”

“I can finally announce that I’ve seen the first 3 episodes of WANDAVISION! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM! Seriously, I love this show. That’s I’ll I can say till tomorrow when my full non-spoiler review comes out. What can I say? The acting of Wanda and Vision Great 👌 the direction is amazing 👌 the story line is above my mind 😅 I have waited in all lockdown for marvel movies and you wouldn’t believe I have just finished watching all of them. Now, get ready fam, Marvel is Back! #WandaVision.”

I got to see the first three episodes of #WandaVision and it was everything I hoped it would be: funny, clever, creepy, and above all, sort of tragic. The trailer of this series this fricking amazing I mean it goes whoop! And my dumbass friends can’t even think of it hahaha 😂 I am joking. And if any one of my friend is reading this then I am not even sorry lol.

The reality is: WandaVision is taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe places it has never gone before, and there’s no going back.”


Wandavision is coming shortly in the Disney+ and you can watch it from there. Moreover, the series is basically a sitcom and by the trailer only, people are being crazy about the whole messy storyline, We all know that’s how Marvel make the story.

The first episode of this series is going to launch tomorrow and the second season will be on 22 January, 2021. We don’t know how many episode will be in Season 1 but one thing is sure that they all will be awesome.

If you find this article helpful comments us down and also don’t forget to send this to your friends who love Marvel Universe series.


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