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Walking Dead Season 12: Is the Season Cancelled?

the walking dead season 12

Will there be Walking dead season 12? Is the season cancelled after season 11? When will season 11 end? There are spin-offs and other upcoming shows. Will there be a happy ending at the end of season 11? We are checking all the latest details about this season renewal or cancellation and other details so you can know about the series.

What do you understand about the title Walking dead? It simply signified that some people are zombies or dead and they are walking and wandering here and there but are not alive humans.

The series is based on comic books by Tony Moore’s, Charlie Adlard and Robert Kirkman’s and the series is about human beings and zombies. This horror series ends up with season 11 but don’t worry it also have two spin-offs- one is fear the walking dead and the other is the walking dead world Beyond and this world beyond is the upcoming show.

However, don’t worry for the future about the show as season 11 is running currently which have 24 episodes in total and half of which are left will premiere in 2022 or the next year.

It is a good news that this horror last season have maximum episodes so viewers need not to worry much about the series as they have enough episodes to watch.

What Is the Status of the Walking Dead Series Spin Off?

Only the main series is cancelled by AMC. But there are still 2 spin-off of this series and the upcoming one is The Walking dead: world Beyond and the other is Fear The walking dead is still up. So fans have much more to see in the series.

What Is the Release Date of the Walking Dead Season 12?

As there is no official announcement for the release date or its cancellation. But currently filming of the season 11 is going on which came on August 2021 and half episodes will premiere next year.

Previous season aired at the time of Halloween week in 2020 but this time further episodes release date is not confirmed but it is confirmed that left episodes will release in 2022 as the season 11 extended.

There is hope that eight extra episodes will premiere at the time of spring.

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Is There a Trailer for Season 12 of the Walking Dead Season 12?

No, there is no trailer for the season 12 of walking dead as it was confirmed that season 11 would be the last season of this series which will conclude in 2022.

But here is the walking dead: World beyond season 2 extended trailer is given below for you-

Who Are the Cast Members of Season 11 the Walking Dead?

These are the cast members of the walking dead season 11-

When You Will Get the Walking Dead Season 11 on Netflix?

Officially it was not clear when will the walking dead come on netflix but there are guesses that it will arrive in the winter’s of 2022.

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At what time you can see The Walking Dead season 11 on AMC?

The walking dead arrives at 9 pm E.T. on every sunday on AMC.

You can also stream this season live on FuboTV and Philo.

Can I watch The Walking Dead's latest season on Amazon Prime?

Yes, the whole series of The Walking Dead is available to watch on Prime Video along with its latest season.

If you have taken the prime membership of amazon then the previous seasons are free to watch for you.

Last Lines

The Walking Dead Currently running season is worth watching and it also received mixed to positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes that is 81% and it is the longest running zombie drama which I have ever seen. On there are more series and animes which were similar to this zombie AMC Network series. So stay connected with much to read more on our blog.

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