Violet Evergarden Season 2 Latest Update | Release Date, Cast, Trailer & FAQ


Are you an anime lover and thirsty for an anime series with a unique plot? Well, the Violent ever garden anime series will quench your thirst. It is an emotional kind and heartwarming Japanese anime series created by Kyoto Animation.

It is based on the light novel series of the same name violet evergarden written by Kana Akatsuki and Akiko Takas.

The story rotates around the life of Violet Evergarden. She was an emotionless and very determined soldier. She followed every order of her major named Gilbert Bougainvillea. During a war, Violent Evergarden lost her both arms, and Gilbert died.

Before Gilbert’s death, his last words to her were “I Love U”. She did not understand the meaning of Gilbert’s last words as she was emotionless. Later she becomes a memory doll to understand his last words.

Season 1 of the series consists of 13 episodes each one of almost 20 minutes each and available on Netflix to watch.

The cast of Violet Evergarden Season 2

We will definitely see our protagonist, Violet Evergarden. We may hopefully see Gilbert Bougainvillea as we are hoping he is alive.

The other cast of the show may include Claudia Hodgins, Benedict Blue, Erica Brown, and Cattleya Baudelaire.

The plot of Violet Evergarden Season 2

We saw in season 1 that after Gilbert’s death, Violet became the auto memory doll, the kind of typist who helped people to write people’s emotions on paper and help them to express their feelings. Her afterlife only revolved around an aim to understand the meaning of the words said to her by Gilbert.

Well, the plot of season 2 is not announced yet but hopefully, it will show the unification of Gilbert and Violet.

Now you may say Gilbert died during the war so how it is possible? Does Gilbert died during the war or is he alive? Well, we are not sure but hoping that he is alive. Now you may ask, how? Let me explain

In a discussion between Hodgins and Violet when Violet asked about the body of Gilbert then the Hodgins replied that they could not find his body but they find a dough tag in the rubble so they considered him dead.

Violet Evergarden Season 2 Release date

Though since the release of season 1 in April 2018, the fans of the series are wholeheartedly waiting for its season 2. Seeing the enthusiasm and positivity of the fans towards season2, it has been renewed. It was about to hit the screen in April 2020 but considering the current situation of the pandemic, we may expect season 2 to hit the screen somewhere in 2021.

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Famous dialogue of Violet Evergarden Season 1

Some of the most Popular and emotional dialogues of the series are-

  1. Live… and be free. From the bottom of my heart, I love you.” – Gilbert Bougainvillea

2. I want to know what “I love you” means…” – Violet Evergarden

3. “I will run as fast as I can to wherever my customer desires. I am the Auto Memories Doll, Violet Evergarden.” – Violet Evergarden

4. No letter that could be sent deserves to go undelivered.” – Violet Evergarden

5. “Do I have any right after I killed so many people as a weapon? I must have prevented them from keeping promises of their own! Promises they made to loved ones of their own! Everything I’ve done so far has sparked a flame that is now burning me up.” – Violet Evergarden

“Thank you for making my dream come true. Thank you. I feel as though I’ve witnessed a miracle. I do not believe there is a god, but if there is, surely it must be you.” – Oscar Webster

Frequently Asked Question Related to Violet Evergarden Series

When Will be violet evergreen season 2 on Netflix?

It is not officially announced but given the situation of the global pandemic, it may hit the screen somewhere in 2021.

Are Gilbert and Violet in love?

Well, we can say that Gilbert was in love with Violet as he confessed this to Violet before his death, but what about Violet? was she in love with Gilbert? Violet’s undoubtedly shared a special bond with Gilbert.

Violet was considered a tool in his army but Gilbert always treated her differently. He was a major in the army and treated her like a normal human being. He always showed kindness and compassion to violet. He was major of the violet in the army. She was highly connected to him due to all love and care which she was getting from him. She only wanted to take orders from him and could do anything on his order.

During the war, we saw how violet only cared about the Gilbert and not of herself. She just willed to save his life at the cost of her life. She didn’t realize that she was in love with gilbert as she didn’t understand the emotions.

Why did Yuki kill himself?

Though Mafuyu and Yuki were deeply in love with each other, Yuki was not spending enough time with Mafuyu as he was planning to write a song for her. She thought he was ignoring purposely and was very angry with him.

Mafuyu asked Yuki to stop with the band so that they could spend more time with each other. He asked her to trust him. Yuki told her that she loved her, but she angrily replied “Would you die for me then?”

He was hurt by the words of Mafuyu and after two days comitted suicide.

Does Violet Ever Garden have a happy ending?

In the last episode of season 1, we saw a ray of hope that Gilbert was alive and came back to meet Violet as one of his clients. If season 2 will be based on the same plot, we can say that Violet Evergarden will have a happy ending.

Final Verdict

It is highly recommended for anime fans as it will make them crazy. Show’s unique plot and fabulous effect of animations make in one of the best anime series of all time. I can assure you that you will fall in love after watching the series. It will engage you for hours and a great series to spend time in.


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