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Today I saw a post on Instagram which catches my eyes, it’s a beautiful picture with moving cloud. I impressed by the thing I saw and wanted to explore more about it. Through the journey, I came across an app name VIMAGE.

So if you also want to know how this app work and how you can use it. Say till the last of this article to acquire all the knowledge. Also, share this article with your other friends who wanted to do much the same thing as yours.

What is VIMAGE?

VIMAGE is an editing app which is available for both Android and iOS users worldwide. Through this app, you can edit your pics with a moving background. It further uses the latest trends of Cinemagraph which became quite popular nowadays. VIMAGE is useful for creating or making kens buns effect. Moreover, you can also add animation to your favourite photos. This app was initially released on July 28, 2018, and offers by none other than VIMAGE himself. Recently the app has its newer updates on November 12, 2020.

A lot of apps will tell you that they’re capable of providing Cinemagraph. Before letting you further you might wonder about the word Cinemagraph. What is Cinemagraph? And how it works? So let me explain it to you.

Cinemagraph is lately popular among people through social media and everyone is using it. They are a method of engaging motion or animation into your photos. A photo will remain static and the background will move likewise the photo. And believe me, it looks quite real. When I first saw a post which involves Cinemagraph, I was stunned and believe me you’ll too.

VIMAGE Image Editing App

Where you’ll get this app?

If you are wondering where you will get this app don’t look for it into Market you can have it through your phone.

Jokes apart, No matter if you are an Android user or an iOS user you can have this app through your smartphone.

How to download VIMAGE through phone?

To download VIMAGE into your smartphone you have to perform some basic functions or steps. I have mentioned the sequence of the steps wise, follow the steps and you’ll have this app in your smartphone.

1. Open Play store or app store on your phone.

2. Search VIMAGE in the search bar.

3. Install the app.

After installing the app will appear in your home screen and now you can take the full advantage of this app. The app has 5 Million plus download which is a good number.

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How to use this app?

As now you have installed the app but how to use it? Let’s look onto the procedure to get a perfect cinematograph picture of yours. You need to perform the following actions to do it –

1. Open the app.

2. Allow the permission which the app is asking for. Moreover, you can go to your settings and give the app permission by it.

3. After this your gallery will open up and now you can choose whichever picture you like to edit.

Note – You can also go to section Stock and try the app through their demo pictures.

What are the features of this app?

There are various sets of features which this app gives to you. Let’s see what can you use through VIMAGE. But an important point to remember here that you can have only two filters in the free version. To add more elements into your pictures you have to take the subscription.

VIMAGE Image Editing App

Features of VIMAGE –

• Background

The first feature or element in our list is Background. Inside the background you’ll have two another tool which is, Adjust and Rotate

– Through adjust you can change the brightness, saturation and contrast of your pictures as per your need.

– Rotate feature will allow you to rotate your pictures in different directions which are up, down, left and right.

• Effect

Coming to the second element of VIMAGE is the effect. This feature gives you a variety of effect to add into your pictures. Dome of the effects that you’ll love to use are Glitters, birds, butterfly, golden dust and balloons. Moreover, you can add various other effects like

– Airplane

– Leaf

– Rain

– Spider and many more.

• Flow

This feature allows you to make movement within your image. Inside this feature, you’ll come across several other elements like

1. Path – It will allow you to draw the line and the movement will start thereafter. Make an arrow and slide down where ever you want to add the movement.

2. Freeze – With the help of this element you can stop the movement on a particular part in which you don’t want any kind of movement.

3. Erase – If you have committed any mistake while using the path and freeze function you can erase it down through ‘Erase’ option.

4. Speed – You can reverse the moment and increase the speed of movement through this feature.

If you want to reverse the speed slide down to negative (-) and if you want to increase the speed slide to positive. Additionally the positive in on the right side and negative is in the left side.

5. Remove – Through this feature, you can remove every element you put on your picture.

• Magic sky –

One of the popular and my favourite feature of VIMAGE is Magic sky. You can make the sky of your photo looks real. Firstly it will automatically detect the sky and make its function. Additionally, you can use it too by own. Inside this feature, you’ll have some elements like –

Magic sky by VIMAGE

1. Select sky – As the name suggests select sky you can select the sky in your photos and it will do its magic.

2. Correction – You can correct the mistake you have done while using the select sky.

3. Speed – This feature is the same as mentioned above and it will determine the speed of the movement.

• Stretch –

You can stretch the movement of your picture through this feature.

The Demo video by using the various feature of this app –

What are peoples opinion regarding VIMAGE?

Through the app is great and have 4.5/5 review. We have collected various review of people for you. So, you can have a knowledge that how reliable this app is actually-

“I have the paid version and really love how easy it is to quickly create eye-catching short videos or gifs. Initially, I had issues with the app after purchasing, but I emailed back and forth for a while with the developers and they were able to eventually work it out! Super glad I stuck it out and allowed them the grace to fine-tune their product. It is a blessing to my tech life!”

“Have the paid version. Bounced a video once, doesn’t work again. Always end up in unknown


“This app would be soooo freaking awesome if it would work. During the finishing process its editing my letters. I purchased the 1-month plan just to check it out before purchasing all. This can be fixed then so must my rating, as well as ill be more than happy to buy the software and share it with friends.”

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