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When Does The Sequel Of Vampire Vs The Bronx Hit On The Screen? 

For years, Netflix is providing some projects with spooky titles that entertain us during Halloween. It includes The Haunting of Hill House, Hubie Halloween, and many more. One more add-up to the tradition is Vampire Vs. the Bronx.

People loved the first part and are now waiting for a sequel. If you are new to it, here is everything in detail.

Oz Rodriguez is the director of the comedy horror film.

Lorne Michaels, Erin David, Bert Hamelinck, and Michael Sagol are the producers of the American movie.

What Is the Plotline of the Film Vampire Vs the Bronx?

The story revolves around a group of teenagers who tries to protect their neighbourhood when a group of vampires tries to destroy their city.

Vampire Vs The Bronx


The first person who comes to know about the existence of vampires is Miguel Martinez. He saw a vampire killing his neighbour named Slim in a parking garage. Miguel, also known by the name Lil’ Mayor, is having another stress of saving the local bodega owned by Tony.

Miguel and his friends, Bobby ad Luis, discover the existence of a secret community of vampires who are eager to suck out life from their hometown of the Bronx. They want to buy the real estate and take over the housing pleasures of the residents. Miguel and his team have the mission to save the local and lovable bodega due to the change in the neighbourhood market. The rent is getting high, due to which he is driving out of the town. The big-wig of the real estate firm, Frank Polidori, is behind all these changes made in the town. While catching on to the underground plan of the vampires, the kids come to know that their sweet new neighbour, Vivan, is a vampire and the commander of the bloodsuckers.

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Unfortunately, Vivan kills the owner of the beloved bodega when the kids were preparing themselves to fight back against them. They go to the chamber of the vampires but discover that they are on their trail. Vivan steals the key of the chest from Miguel to open it so that he could make more vampires from the ashes. However, more citizens join the battle against the vampires led by the kids. The people serve as a distraction to her. On the other hand, Miguel arrives on a bike and defeats Vivan, thus saving the Bronx from the terror of vampires.

The Release Date: When Was Vampire Vs. The Bronx Got Released Over the Original Network?

Vampire Vs. the Bronx got released on 2nd October 2020 on Netflix after taking over the distribution rights from Universal Pictures. Unfortunately, no word has been said by the production team about what will be the future of Vampire Vs. the Bronx 2. We are not even sure whether Netflix will give a green signal to the sequel. Therefore, we are not aware of the release date of the sequel.

Usually, there is a gap of a year or more in the series or movies released on Netflix. Due to the current scenario of the world, we can assume to take a longer time than usual for the upcoming projects. As no announcement has been made yet, we can assume the release date to be in 2022 or later.

What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in the Movie Vampire Vs? The Bronx?

  • Miguel Martinez’s role played by Jaden Michael
  • Bobby Carter’s role played by Gerald W. Jones III
  • Luis Acosta’s role played by Gregory Diaz IV
  • Vivian’s role played by Sarah Gadon
  • Father Jackson’s role played by Cliff “Method Man” Smith
  • Frank Polidori’s role played by Shea Whigham
  • Rita’s role played by Coco Jones
  • Tony’s role played by Joel “The Kid Mero” Martinez
  • Andre’s role played by Chris Redd
  • Papo’s role played by Vladimir Caamano
  • Henny’s role played by Jeremie Harris
  • Alexis’s role played by Adam David Thompson
  • Carmen Martinez’s role played by Judy Marte
  • Markus’s role played by Richard Bekins
  • Gloria’s role played by Imani Lewis
  • Becky’s role played by Zoe Saldana

Vampire Vs The Bronx

The performance of all the actors and actresses is outstanding. However, according to us, the top 3 characters that stand out, good or bad, are mentioned here.

Jaden is an upcoming talent who is on the list of notable credits of many projects, including Blue Bloods. He is in the lead who plays the comic character and action sequences against vampires beautifully.

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Next on the list is Method Man playing the role of Father Jackson. Father Jackson is a character who doesn’t tolerate misbehaviour and even throws one of Miguel’s friends out of the church. His role was like a cameo but plays a significant role in the plot, who puts a smile on everybody’s face.

Last but not least is Coco Jones playing the role of Rita. She is only shown in the background of the scenes for the first half. In the second half, she gets something to do but doesn’t provide a lot of support. We are not sure that Rita is of what age as she appears to be elder than the boys. However, she flaunted the role that she was given to perform.

What Are the Ratings of the Movie Vampire Vs the Bronx?

Vampire vs. the Bronx has received a satisfactory positive response from the audience and critics. The critical consensus commented that the mixture of comedy and horror in the battle of vampire and the Bronx fits perfectly. In this case, the audience is the winner and is getting entertained.

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Vampire vs. the Bronx has received a score of 90% on the Tomatometer, based on 41 reviews. The audience score is 43% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on more than 250 ratings.

Vampire vs. the Bronx has received a rating of 5.7 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Movie Vampire Vs? The Bronx?

Vampire Vs The Bronx

Currently, the movie is only available on Netflix. You can have a subscription to the channel.

Many websites will also provide you with a direct link to Netflix like Flicks.

We will inform you by updating the section when the movie will be made available over the other networks.


Vampire Vs. the Bronx doesn’t fail to impress the audience. If you have not seen it, then you should give it a chance. You can watch the movie on Netflix.