Vampire Knights Season 3 | Release Date, Plot And Many More

Vampire Knights Season 3

Dark fantasy anime have always been a fan favorite. Whether it being DeathNote, Full alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on titan, everybody loves these kinds of anime series. But I know you have already seen these amazing series by now and you are looking for more series like this. Vampire knights is one of your stop point here. This series is recently in talk and people are loving its amazing storyline. 

However, the reason why people are interested in this series is because of its third installment. Everybody wanna know whether it is happening or not. If you are one of the people who are interested to know about the third season then, we are here for you. In this article, we’ll put light on Vampire Knights and its third part. Wanna know? Read this article till the end.

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What Is Vampire Knights?  

The Japanese anime series which is based on the manga of the name name. The author of this anime is Matsuri Hino, who has written and illustrated this novel. The Japanese anime which is popularly known as Vanpaia Naito in japan. The series was popular when the writer released its first manga. The number of fans increased when studio Deen decided to release its anime version. On April 8, 2008 the first season was released in japan on Tokyo TV. Vampire knights follow the story of a young Yuki, who has been attacked by a vampire on the winter nights. Although she doesn’t remember it fully. She has been rescued by Kaname Kuran. Till now, the anime have already released its two seasons for the audience and people are looking for more. 

Vampire Knights Season 3

Is Vampire Knights Coming With Season 2?

The first season released its last episode on 8 July, 2008. The first season was a hit and that’s why the producers thought of releasing the second part for the people. The second part came out on 7 October 2008 and finished on 30 December, 2008. In the same year, the publisher surprises the audience with a special video which is related to the storyline of Vampire Knights. The video is an OVA (original video animation) which is termed as Vampire Knight: Gekiai no Portrait. After that special video we haven’t heard anything. It’s been more than 12 years and I don’t really think that we are getting a third part of Vampire Knights. 

The honest fanbase have been trying everything which can make a comeback of their favorite anime series. The officials haven’t released any statement about the series. Also, we don’t wanna conclude anything wrong and don’t wanna give you any hopes. But for now, there will be no third season of Vampire knights.

In future, if anything happens regarding the third season, we’ll update you for sure.

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What Is the Release Date of Vampire Knights Season 3?

There is no official statement about the third season of Vampire knights but we haven’t said that it would never happen. Since the OVA video, there was a blank side from the producers for the people. They have not released anything yet but people are still hoping. Likewise, there is no release date of Vampire knights season 3 for now. To be honest the chances of getting a third installment isn’t bright. 

Vampire Knights Season 3

What Is the Plot of Vampire Knights Season 3?

The plotline of vampire knights is pretty awesome. If you are someone who loves the fiction about vampire, wolf and Dracula then this would be the perfect anime for you. It’ll kinda give you a twilight vibe. The story is based on the life of humans and vampires and their survival in the elite school which is called Cross Academy. The school has two kinds of timing, one is day shift and other is knight shift. The normal human students attend the day shift and study hard in the Cross academy while the night shift is for the vampire students. Now you may be wondering, why the vampire attend the night class? It is because the vampires are allergic to the sunlight and they lose their body in the sun.

Coming back to the story, the main characters of the anime are Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu. These two are the top students of the school and play the role of Vampire knights and act as a guardian of the vampire. Before heading forward, Yuuki is the child of the headmaster of Cross academy and she is a responsible kid. However, she is not a real kid but actually adopted. She is energetic and always thinks good for the school and the kid. Whereas Zero is completely different from her. 

Vampire Knights Season 3

Despite being the top student he hates vampires because of his personal reason. Unlike Yuuki, he doesn’t take his responsibility seriously. Because of his hatred, he ends up killing a pure blood vampire in school which leads to several chaotic incidents. Another student named Kaname, who secretly crushed over zero stands in his support. The show gets interesting as we move forward in the story. And if you want to know more then watch the series. I promise it’ll take your interest to another world. 

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Where Can I Watch the Show in English Dub?

After reading about this dark fantasy show, if you wanna watch it then you can. But do you want to watch it with English dub? Don’t worry because this anime is available in a English dub. Visit Anime Planet and watch the the English dub along with the subtitle of Vampire Knights. 

Vampire Knights Season 3

Final Words

Vampire Knights was released a decade ago and its been more than a decade but there is no news about its third part. The show have already aired its two season and one OVA for the people. If you are new to this series then you should probably check it out. There is no official statement regarding the series till now, but if there will then we’ll surely going to update you. 

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