Valheim Bosses: Full Guide 2022

To advance in Valheim, you will have to find and overcome the bosses first. Whenever you drop down into Viking limbo, you’re welcomed by a circle of runes and conciliatory stones and Odin’s raven, Huginn, who occasionally twitters instructional exercise guidelines assuming that you communicate with him. Here, you can learn about the five bosses that you really want to overcome to climb to Valhalla.

You will not need to contemplate the bosses for some time when you initially enter the game, as you center around developing your base, gathering assets, and dominating the essentials of battle – for tips, look at our Valheim amateur’s aide on the beginning. As you start the game in a Meadow biome, there’s tiny risk and barely any adversaries. Huginn will ring in when you’re going to enter a perilous region like The Black Forest. Albeit ambling savages might show up, they are not difficult to sidestep for the time being. As you develop more certain and use better Valheim weapons, you can take on the Valheim bosses.

Supervisor areas show up on the guide – some of them should be found utilizing runes. Bosses are gathered by putting contributions on their special stepped area. Killing a chief and putting its prize on its conciliatory stone awards you exceptional power, as well as giving plunder drops and opening up new assets for you to advance and wander into new biomes. In this way, here are the five Valheim bosses you want to overcome and how to call them.

Valheim Bosses

The Valheim bosses are:

  1. Eikthyr
  2. The Elder
  3. Bonemass
  4. Moder
  5. Yagluth


The most effective method to call: Place two deer prizes on the raised area in the Meadow

Reward: Hard horns, Eikthyr Trophy, new extraordinary power (endurance buff)

This is the primary manager you can bring – an enormous red-peered toward stag with monster horns trickling with metal chains. Eikthyr has energized horns and will utilize these to shoot power in a good way. The two different assaults incorporate a nearby gone step and a quick, strong smash assault.

Amazing area: The best Valheim seeds include close by manager special stepped areas

You should make a point to have an entire night’s rest prior to taking on Eikthyr, as well as guaranteeing your three food bars are topped up. Come outfitted with a wooden safeguard and a bow, which you can create genuinely almost immediately in the game on the off chance that you have sufficient calfskin scraps from killing hogs.

Valheim Bosses

The Elder

The most effective method to bring: Visit the Burial Chambers in The Black Forest and find the rune to get the area of The Elder’s special stepped area. You want to consume three old seeds to bring The Elder.

Reward: A key to the Swamp, Elder Trophy, new exceptional power (speeds up)

Tracked down somewhere down in The Black Forest, this awkward tree monster blows up with powerful plant assaults – also to Eikthyr’s run assault. The Elder likewise has an area of impact assault – its step – and will likewise release plants from the beginning swipe at you. This is the place where your new pickaxe proves to be useful, permitting you to make new treats, for example, better protection and weapons with Valheim bronze.

Blazing bolts open very from the beginning in the game and are profoundly compelling against The Elder. Also, the points of support encompassing The Elder are impenetrable to its assaults, so you can involve them as cover. Assuming that you really want a few additional tips, we have a Valheim The Elder manager guide which carefully describes how to handle this supervisor as an independent player.


The most effective method to bring: Use the bog key to get to overwhelm tombs, which might contain a rune that provides you with the area of Bonemass’ raised area. You really want to offer ten wilted issues that remains to be worked out Bonemass.

Reward: Wishbone, Bonemass Trophy, new exceptional power (expanded protection from actual harm)

Bonemass is a goliath, cloudy green muck beast found sneaking in the Swamp. It additionally has three assaults; delivering toxic pores very high, swiping with its arms, and gathering flunkies to join the battle. These moves are hard to counter, and the different other marsh beasts are an undesirable interruption, so you need to play the protective game here.

Come equipped with tons of weaponry with poison safe mead, as well as Valheim iron covering and gruff weapons. You really want to remember the big picture, dodging and utilizing skirmish assaults just to take this monster of a manager down. For additional subtleties, see our Valheim Bonemass guide.

Valheim Bosses


Instructions to call: Interact with a rune at the highest point of the Mountain to track down the specific area of Moder. You really want three mythical serpent eggs to bring Moder.

Reward: Dragon tears, Moder Trophy, new extraordinary power (tailwind while cruising)

In spite of the fact that you can meander into the Mountain biome anytime, we don’t prescribe it as you’ll gradually stick to a ridiculous degree. By this point you ought to be packaged up in huge loads of layers and prepared to move to this blanketed pinnacle. Looking for you is Moder, an ice Wyvern with puncturing blue eyes and sharp paws that it’ll use in fight.

Like different bosses, Moder plays out a progression of three assaults including the typical swipe, a flight assault that downpours down shots, and a freezing breath assault that impacts your development. Bolts are your smartest option to bring Moder down, however your fundamental impediment here is getting ready for the chilly climate – we suggest wolf protection and ice safe mead from a Valheim fermenter .


Step by step instructions to gather: Find the tablet in standing stones in the Plains, which adds Yagluth to the guide. You really want five fuling symbols to bring Yagluth.

Reward: Yagluth Things (placeholder things), Yagluth Trophy, new unique power (expanded protection from basic assaults)

The last supervisor in Valheim is Yagluth, a goliath skeleton drained of a lower body, that utilizes hard hands to gradually creep towards you. One of the additional frightening bosses in the game, it very well may be found in the Plains. Yagluth has three assaults: he inhales a long crest of fire and turns gradually, hammers an orange gleaming clench hand on the ground and makes a downpour of explosives, and pounds the ground with a blue shining clench hand making a roundabout blast. The greater part of these assaults are hard to keep away from – however you can utilize the stone points of support to safeguard you from coming down fire. You’ll surely require mending mixtures and your best protection.

Valheim Bosses

Despite the fact that Yagluth’s moves can be acquired, ensure you utilize the time between assaults – and when Yagluth is zeroing in on another player – admirably to get in however many scuffle assaults as would be prudent. Yagluth’s plunder drop hasn’t been affirmed as a component of early access, yet you can in any case get a placeholder thing.

Those are altogether the Valheim bosses in the game up until this point – ideally, there will be more imposing enemies to kill in future Valheim refreshes – better set up your best Valheim shield ahead of time. In the event that these bosses are making you disappointed with the eventual result of stopping, most certainly provide our Valheim console orders guide a read to swindle your direction through these extreme minutes.

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