Valeria Season 3 Release Date | Cast | Plot and More Updates!

A Spanish adult comedy-drama television programme called Valeria was first created for Netflix. The novel En Los Zapatos se Valeria, authored by Elsabet Benavent, served as its inspiration. What does it mean for Season 3 if Valeria Season 2 turns out to be a bit of a surprise hit on Netflix?

Will Valeria Season 3 be approved by Netflix? Is Netflix already working on it? If yes, when might it be made available? Who might play the lead role in Valeria Season 3? What might the storyline be? I’ll attempt to address each of these queries in this Article.

Quick Facts About Valeria Season 3

Name Valeria Season 3
Genres Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Writer Elísabet Benavent
Director Inma Torrente, Nely Reguera, Laura M. Campos
Valeria Season 3 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

Recap of Valeria

The plot centres around a lady in her thirties. She battled in both her personal and professional life since she wanted to be a writer, but the publishing company used someone else’s name when they published his writings. That was a major setback for her career. Regarding her personal life, she was unhappy in her marriage, which resulted in a love triangle for her.

You all witnessed how Valeria ultimately filed for divorce from Adri, ending their marriage, in season 2. However, Valeria and Victor‘s relationship was also struggling. Lola planned her vacation to Vienna in preparation for the impending marriage of Carmen and Borja. The intriguing aspect of this season is that Bruno, a new author for Valeria’s editors, and Valeria may develop a relationship.

Expected Premiere Date of Valeria Season 3

Season 3 of Valeria has not been officially confirmed as of yet. One of Netflix‘s original series with the most viewers worldwide is the second season. This would lead me to believe that Season 3 is already in the works for the streamer. This, combined with the information that Netflix plans to emphasize its non-English-language content more, means that Valeria Season 3 is now all but a lock.


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In actuality, we do have some news there. The third season of Valeria appears to have been under production. Few weeks ago, one of the show’s primary stars, Diana Gomez, who portrays the show’s title character, announced that filming for the third season had already begun.

Cast: Who Will Return in Valeria Season 3

The Valeria Season 3 cast is not entirely original. Season 3 will have all the characters that have appeared with various actors, but with a new plot twist. Following are all of the actors’ names and the season 3 characters they will be playing:

Valeria would be played by Diana Gomez, Lola by Silma Lopez, Carmen by Paula Malia, Nerea by Teresa Riott, Victor by Maxi Iglesias, Adrian by Ibrahim Al Shami, Borja by Juanlu Gonzalez, and many others.

The Plot: What Can We Expect From Valeria Season 3?

Each of the previous two seasons included eight episodes. Therefore, we may assume that this season will similarly consist of 8 episodes. The main emphasis of the narrative will be Valeria’s life following her divorce from her husband.

The most likely place to find Valeria this season will be in her new love relationship and how she handles the situations that arise from it. She will reach new career highs and deepen her understanding of her passion in terms of her professional life.

Valeria season 3 Release Date

The main character is essentially the ideal illustration of how a lady should manage her life following a divorce from her married situation. We can be hopeful that some of the colorful characters who gave the series its enjoyable qualities will also return this time.

Is the Third Season of Valeria Confirmed?

Valeria Season 3 is, in fact, official. In October 2021, the third season of the Valeria television series was revealed. Valeria will return on Netflix in October 2021 for a third season. Therefore, it is official that Netflix’s OTT platform will shortly premiere Valeria’s third season.

The third season of the Valeria television series will be its last, according to the announcement. See what happens after that.

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Is There Any Official Trailer of Valeria Season 3?

The Valeria Season 3 official trailer has not yet been made available. Maybe it’ll be available shortly. Let’s watch the Valeria season 2 trailer in its entirety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Valeria: Where Can I Watch It Online?

You can watch Valeria on Netflix in both of its seasons. You can view it all at once.

What Are Valeria’s IMDB Ratings?

The IMDB rating for Valeria is 6.5/10.

Will Valeria 3 Be Released?

The creators of Valeria have confirmed a third season, but no official air date has been disclosed. But according to numerous reports, Valeria’s third season is set to debut in the latter half of 2022.